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That includes tasks such as writing and editing, uploading work through content management systems and working with design software. It seems that the Facebook User Experience Engineers have designed an organization system that seems logical to them, but in real life isn’t really intuitive to most of us.

You can use Creator Studio to upload, compose and post all your Facebook content. You can also do things such as upload multiple videos at once, crosspost content to multiple Pages, organise your content into playlists and backdate or save posts as a draft. There are a few different ways you can upload, compose and post new Facebook content from the Home tab. 

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Ways for More Views, Shares, and Engagement in Facebook

With Facebook constantly evolving and introducing new features, your video marketing strategy has to evolve, too. Check out the below video and latest tips to help you create videos that captivate your audience:

  • Create square videos

Earlier this year, we spent $1,500 to find out what makes videos successful on social media. We found that square videos outperformed landscape videos in terms of average engagement, views, and reach, especially on mobile. And we aren’t the only one to see these results.

  • Catch people’s attention within the first 3 seconds

Facebook videos auto-play in order to captivate users’ attention and convince them to watch more. As such, your Facebook video should have a powerful first few seconds that captivate your audience even without sound.

  • Add captions to your videos

85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. Even though Facebook now auto-plays videos on the mobile News Feed with sound, it’s unclear how many people watch videos with the sound on. Facebook users can disable the auto-play-with-sound feature, and videos will auto-play without sound if the mobile phone is on silent mode.

  • Suggest viewers tap for sound

Another neat way to work around the silent auto-played Facebook videos is to suggest viewers tap for sound with a pop-up. Pop-ups can sometimes be annoying so it has to be designed and timed appropriately to create a non-disruptive effect.

  • Focus on one key point

If you want to make a shareable video, focus on one easy-to-understand point. If your video is easy to understand, viewers would be more likely to share it as it is easy for them to explain what’s great about the video when sharing it.

  • Upload your videos natively (via Buffer!)

Videos uploaded onto Facebook natively perform way better than links to YouTube or similar video platforms. (“Natively” refers to videos that have been uploaded to a network directly and played straight in a feed, versus those that are uploaded elsewhere and shared as links, e.g. YouTube videos.)

  • Craft a descriptive title

Facebook recommends choosing a descriptive title that will make the video easily searchable. With Facebook seeing more than two billion searches every day, it’ll be worth to optimize your videos for search.

  • Create a Facebook-specific copy

If you have a presence on multiple social media platforms, you might sometimes want to share a video to several platforms. A best practice is to tailor your copy for each social media platform as what works best on each platform differs.

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