About Us

OBI Services is one of the most reliable Call Center companies in the Philippines in Outsourcing Data Entry. We guarantee to have one of the most affordable prices in the market today. We brag about having the capacity to provide any requirement you will need in your business. 

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OBI Services

Providing Data Entry, Lead Generation, Sales, Customer Service, and Technical Support Services to Clients worldwide.

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  • Obi services we provide solutions
    We Provide Solutions

    Outsourcing Solution Service Provider for your company.

  • Obi services our growing team
    Our Growing Team

    A growing Call Center Company in the Philippines.

  • Obi services we care for you
    We Care For You!

    A Call Center Outsourcing Company that cares for your business. 

We Never Stop Smiling!

Hi and nice to meet you! This is our brave team. We work very hard to provide an awesome experience for you.
  • OBI Services About Us CEO Cliede C. Image
    Cliede C.
    Founder & CEO

    Cliede, our entrepreneurial superhero CEO, is like Iron Man with his suit of visionary powers and weapons of innovation, soaring our organization to epic success!

  • OBI Services About Us CFO Ester G. Image
    Ester G.

    Our financial whiz is the Neo of our team, with the ability to see the matrix of our financials and keep the cash flowing like the code in The Matrix!

  • OBI Services About Us Operations Manager Kristine C. Image
    Kristine C.
    Business Development Head

    From "The Pursuit of Happyness" to our own success story, Kristine's leadership and sales skills are key to our business development success!

  • OBI Services About Us Project Manager
    Bella C.
    Project Manager

    Bella is the project management star that shines brighter than the Twilight saga, keeping us on track and delivering success!

  • Ronaldo bolingot
    Ronaldo B.
    OVA Supervisor

    Ron is OVA team's secret weapon, providing the perfect mix of expertise and support for smooth operations and success!

  • OBI Services Marketing Strategist
    Jose Chito S.
    Marketing Strategist

    Jose is the quiet force behind our Marketing Team, seamlessly blending strategy with finesse for effective outreach.

  • Princess
    Princess N.
    HR & Recruitment

    Unlocking the potential of every employee, HR is the magical conductor orchestrating a symphony of smiles in the workplace! 

  • Lorna
    Lorna P.
    Quality Analyst

    Precision is not just a goal; it's a commitment to excellence. Striving for perfection is our journey, and attention to detail is our compass.