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There are many useful tools on the market for project management, billing/invoicing, client portals, file management, email marketing, and more. However, getting all that to work together is a major challenge, each one has its own recurring subscription, and those difficulties and monthly fees start to add up! Trying to systematize a business using a varied set of stitched together online services and software can be a drain, both on your energy and your finances. 

SuiteDash was built to be the ONE Dashboard® where you can log in to run your entire business, every aspect from start to finish. With all of these functions under one roof, SuiteDash allows you to seamlessly integrate your projects with your invoices, your client portals with your email campaigns, and easily migrate and share information from one section for use in another. 

OBI Services SuiteDash client portal setup and support
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    The value is easy to see

    With all of this in mind, the inherent value of SuiteDash is easy to realize. Simply from a time perspective, learning to use one system is intrinsically easier and less time-consuming than learning five, six, or even ten(!) different platforms and tools.

    Couple that with our incredibly low monthly subscription compared to tools that do only a fraction of the work, and the powerful white label branding capabilities, and it’s easy to come to the conclusion that SuiteDash is in a league all its own in terms of value.

    The end result is a professional-looking, powerful, affordable platform that will impress bosses, employees, and clients alike.

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    Proposals & eSigning

    A Proposal is a document presenting an outline that plans out every step of a project, to ensure that it meets your Contact's needs. Your Contact receives the Proposal and can either Approve the Proposal by signing it or Reject it.

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    Template Library

    The Template Library is a repository for pre-built Templates, both user-created and stock Templates provided by default.

    Create your own templates for Proposals, Contracts, Marketing Campaigns, and Portal Pages and share them with the community! Additional types of Templates will be added in the future.

    TIP: The Super Admin and Admin(s) can access the Template Library. However, only the Super Admin can configure the related settings in Platform Branding.

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Choose your pricing plan

We have one of the most affordable prices for our Suitedash Support services.  

  • Suitedash one day

    Suitedash One Day

    /one time
    • 8 Hours Suitedash Expert support
    • Any Suitedash task that will take less than 8 hours to complete.
    • One-day client support is getting Suitedash IT project assistance as soon as they come up in real-time. OBI offers One-Day Suitedash support through chatbots, a knowledge base, task-based, or remote manipulation.
  • Suitedash core setup

    Suitedash Core Setup

    /one time
    • Full Platform Setup
    • Cname / White Label Setup
    • Theme and Branding
    • Landing Page Design
    • Client/Staff Registration Page Design
    • Onboarding Setup
    • Maximum of 2 Flows Automation Setup
    • Email Setup
    • Custom Fields
    • Integration Setup
  • Dedicated staff

    Suitedash Dedicated Staff

    • A dedicated support staff works very much like your own employee, but you do not have to hire, train, provide infrastructure, or perform any other function that is required for a regular in-office employee.
    • One Suitedash Expert support staff that works solely with a client.
    • Best for clients who constantly need assistance with Suitedash that requires immediate action.
    • A dedicated staff that will cater to all Suitedash related tasks.
    • A dedicated staff for that will cater to all Supported Saas Products tasks.

Client Portal Software

Manage your business like a PRO with OBI SuiteDash Support Services.

  • Excellent features
    Excellent Features

    All of the core features (such as Project Management, File Sharing, Estimates/ Invoicing, CRM, Private Messaging, etc) are embedded with ALL license levels, for no extra cost. Automation features are in the initial stages but can see a lot of potential in this. Extra features were appointment booking, digital contract signing, email marketing, and a lot more awesome stuff. 

  • Cloud based platform
    Cloud-Based Platform

    More than just Client Portal Software, SuiteDash is a fully integrated cloud-based platform that will totally satisfy the software needs of most small to medium-sized clients. SuiteDash is also best for team collaboration and time tracking. A game-changer for anyone that wants one platform for team handling and collaboration, client management, project management, and more. 

  • Leading task management
    Leading Task Management

    SuiteDash is the world's leading task management tool with completely customizable and proprietary features. Task management, finance management, HRM, CRM, and many more. Generally, there are a whole lot more upcoming features on the roadmap. Suitedash also has a general roadmap with mind-blowing upcoming features on it. 

  • Integrated platform
    Integrated Platform

    Suitedash is software that cloaks a lot of ranges and can replace several other products like project management tools, CRM, invoice/ proposal software, and more. SuiteDash is extremely recommended for any business owner who wishes an integrated platform to handle all aspects of their business. Automation features are in the former stages but can see a whole lot of potential in this. Has e-signatures and proposals, deal stage pipelines, as well as advanced custom menus which the Start plan doesn't have. 

  • Top average rating
    Top Average Rating

    You can fully re-brand your SuiteDash environment to match your business, with the capability to fully replace all instances of the SuiteDash name/logo from the login page, logged-in environment, email notifications, and even the Login Page/URL. Gain top Average Rating Overall Ease of Use Customer Service About SuiteDash Fully branded: Client Portal, Project Management, Invoicing, File Sharing, CRM, IM, Messaging & more. The white label option really lets you support your brand and convey a more professional service. 

  • Embeddable forms
    Embeddable Forms

    Add contacts to the portal manually with a bulk import, or enable them to self-register with easily embeddable forms. You can use a custom domain, custom SMTP, and even customize the look and feel. All plans feature unlimited contacts, unlimited projects, custom domain, white labeling unlimited team members. There's no need to use numerous tools to manage invoicing, project management, file sharing, client communication, feedback cycle, etc. Has unlimited file storage, unlimited team members, unlimited clients. 

We Are Making History

The All-in-One Business Software empowers collaboration with your team, and streamlines interaction with your clients. 

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    Happy Customers

    SuiteDash can handle all the needs of your internal team, while also bridging the communication & interaction gap with your Customers & Clients Start your Free Trial CRM + Automation Automate your Lead generation & Onboarding Process Create & configure multiple acquisitions & onboarding funnels designed to efficiently convert Leads into happy Customers. 

    SuiteDash client portal setup and support: Happy Customers
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    Complete Solution

    Assign a custom Dashboard to each Client Set custom Dashboard as the ‘Start Page' Each Client uniquely sees their own data Replaces… Start a Free Trial Learn more Invoicing + Subscriptions Get paid Online + Subscription Payments + Membership Site A complete solution for sending invoices & receiving payments directly in the Portal + a fully-featured Subscription Payment & Membership Site solution that provides powerful subscription management options for both you and the Client.  

    SuiteDash client portal setup and support: Complete Solution
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    White-Labeled Portal

    Your clients can make an online payment on their assigned invoices using any of those gateways that you choose to set up and enter your merchant credentials for. Also, the ability to create a separate white-labeled portal for clients to log in and check their projects and collaborate is just an awesome feature to have. Another amazing feature, that I could do is make it so customizable! In addition, SuiteDash also has a billing conversion feature. 

    SuiteDash client portal setup and support: White Labeling
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    Appointment Scheduling

    Primary Features of a Secure Client Portal As a relates to features that would typically be available in a secure client portal software, the most common features are file sharing, content management, secure encrypted messaging, project management, invoicing, and whatever other extras that may exist, which may include support tickets, appointment scheduling, etc… You can configure all the details related to each appointment type, and set up automated actions that happen when a time is booked. 

    SuiteDash Support OBI Services: Appointments and Events
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    Comprehensive Platform

    You've got a budding business to manage, and you don't want to waste time wrestling with a mishmash of separate tools that aren't designed to work together. Ready for a comprehensive platform that consolidates all the software you need to run your business? 

    SuiteDash client portal setup and support: Comprehensive Platform

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