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There are many useful tools on the market for project management, billing/invoicing, client portals, file management, email marketing, and more. However, getting all that to work together is a major challenge, each one has its own recurring subscription, and those difficulties and monthly fees start to add up! Trying to systematize a business using a varied set of stitched together online services and software can be a drain, both on your energy and your finances.

SuiteDash was buil t to be the ONE Dashboard® where you can login to run your entire business, every aspect from start to finish. With all of these functions under one roof, SuiteDash allows you to seamlessly integrate your projects with your invoices, your client portals with your email campaigns, and easily migrate and share information from one section for use in another.

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    The value is easy to see

    With all of this in mind, the inherent value of SuiteDash is easy to realize. Simply from a time perspective, learning to use one system is intrinsically easier and less time consuming than learning five, six, or even ten(!) different platforms and tools.

    Couple that with our incredibly low monthly subscription compared to tools that do only a fraction of the work, and the powerful white label branding capabilities, and it’s easy to come to the conclusion that SuiteDash is in a league all its own in terms of value.

    The end result is a professional looking, powerful, affordable platform that will impress bosses, employees and clients alike.

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    Proposals & eSigning

    A Proposal is a document presenting an outline that plans out every step of a Project, to ensure that it meets your Contact's needs. Your Contact receives the Proposal and can either Approve the Proposal by signing it, or Reject it.

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    Template Library

    The Template Library is a repository for pre-built Templates, both user-created and stock Templates provided by default.

    Create your own templates for Proposals, Contracts, Marketing Campaigns, and Portal Pages and share them with the community! Additional types of Templates will be added in the future.

    TIP: The Super Admin and Admin(s) can access the Template Library. However, only the Super Admin can configure the related settings in Platform Branding.

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