Appointment Setter

Cold calling and jumping straight into sales often makes prospects feel their time isn't valued, leading to high rejection rates.

Receiving an unexpected sales pitch is frustrating and makes prospects feel unimportant. This approach can result in lost opportunities and wasted efforts.

An Appointment Setter values the prospect's time by scheduling calls at their convenience. This respectful approach builds trust, leading to more successful engagements and better sales outcomes.

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Role of Appointment Setters

Appointment setters play a crucial role in sales by connecting lead generation and closing deals. We handle the initial outreach and qualify leads. Our team also schedules appointments, allowing your sales team to focus on selling.

We handle cold calls, follow-ups, and calendar coordination. This keeps your sales pipeline full and your team productive. Our work leads to more meaningful sales conversations. You will see higher conversion rates and increased revenue for your business.

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    Meeting Preparation and Prospects

    Effective meeting preparation is key to turning prospects into customers. We provide detailed information about each prospect. We qualify leads and schedule meetings. Your team can then focus on crafting personalized pitches.

    Understanding each prospect's needs and interests helps your sales professionals enter meetings well-prepared. 

    They can build rapport, address pain points, and present tailored solutions. Such preparation enhances the quality of your sales pitches. It also increases your chances of closing deals. Additionally, it helps in building long-term client relationships.

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    Skills and Targets

    Our appointment setters have unique skills essential for driving your sales pipeline. We excel in communication, persistence, and effectively qualifying leads. By using these skills, we ensure that every interaction with a prospect is effective. Each interaction moves the prospect closer to a scheduled meeting.

    Our goals include reaching decision-makers and securing qualified leads. We also aim to maintain a steady flow of appointments for your sales team. We use a strategic approach and are dedicated to achieving targets. We enhance your sales efforts and help maximize your business growth and potential clients.

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    Setting Up for the Perfect Sales Pitch

    A great sales pitch can make all the difference, but reaching the right people can be challenging. We will manage your leads and schedule appointments. This will allow your sales team to focus on delivering compelling pitches.

    We handle cold calls and follow-ups to ensure your team is prepared. This way, they can focus on turning prospects into loyal customers.

    With a steady flow of pre-qualified bookings, your sales team can close more deals. This growth will help expand your business.

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Simple and Fair Pricing

We believe in providing simple and fair pricing for all of our customers. We understand that price can often be a major factor in purchasing decisions, which is why we strive to offer transparent, competitive pricing for all of our products and services.
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$880 per Month

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$880 per Month

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Why Outsource Appointment Setters?

Expertise and Specialization

Our appointment setters specialize in lead generation and scheduling.

Cost Efficiency

You can save on salaries, benefits, training, and infrastructure expenses.


Our service offers flexibility. You can adjust the level of service based on your business needs. 

Focus on Core Activities

We enable your internal sales team to focus on closing deals. We nurture client relationships more effectively. And we can also dedicate more time to strategic planning.

Access to Technology and Tools

We provide advanced CRM systems and analytics tools. Additionally, we offer calling technologies. 

Improved Lead Quality

We are skilled at qualifying leads. We ensure that only qualified prospects are passed on to your sales team. 

Consistency and Reliability

We provide consistent and dependable performance. Guaranteeing that your appointment-setting is managed professionally and effectively.

Quick Implementation

Our service is quicker to implement than hiring and training an in-house team. It will speed up your sales cycle. 

Transform Your Sales Strategy Today!

At OBI Services, we know that while sales are important, connecting with customers is crucial. We guarantee effective sales, a positive business image, and customer satisfaction.

OBI Services offers flexible rates for both small and large businesses. Our skilled appointment setters and sales teams are ready to handle any call. Are your sales falling short of your goals? Let us supercharge your business and turn potential customers into profits with our sales experts! 

Schedule a meeting to discuss you needs. Let us elevate your sales strategy to the next level today! 

Why Choose OBI Services?

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Why Choose OBI Services Appointment Setter?

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A Combined 20 Years of Experience in Appointment Setting


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