Get started with Flowlu: What’s in it FLOW you?

published on 28 February 2024

With all the hype surrounding Project Management Software. It’s no surprise that most organizations rely on these tools to help them manage their projects. There are dozens of different business management tools out there. But, they’re mostly used in the same way: to keep track of what’s happening in the project and to ensure that everyone stays on track.

  It's time to free yourself from the limitations of other project management software through Flowlu!  

What is Flowlu?

Flowlu is an all-encompassing tool for business management and teamwork. It is a cloud-based application that makes managing your entire business process easy. It is good for time management and retrieving data on prospective customers. A reliable, all-in-one project management system that handles your projects, CRM, billing, team collaboration, and knowledge. Organize every aspect of your workflow to help your company flourish in ways it formerly couldn't.  

Do you need help in setting up your Flowlu account?

Get started with Flowlu

When you sign up for Flowlu, you get access to a powerful suite of tools that helps you manage your entire business process. From project management to customer relationship management, Flowlu makes it easier to collaborate with clients, customers, employees, and partners. With Flowlu, you'll never miss a beat.

Before getting ahead of ourselves. First, we need to create an account. Then we’ll go through the flow of signing up. Remember!  Have your email address handy.

  We will go to the Flowlu website ( and then click on “SIGN UP”.  

Type in your email address and then tick out the “I’m not a robot”. Once done, Click on “Get Started”

Signing up with Flowlu

Flowlu will route you to their Welcome Pop-up Window. Which you can X out of once done reading the info.

Getting started with Flowlu

We are now in the Onboarding process. Start with the Your Profile Box. Where "Manage your profile settings" can be found. From here on out we will walk you through the Basic Settings setup and talk about the purpose of each setup. 

Basic Settings

The first thing you need to do is click on the hyperlinked "Profile" - it will open up a new tab where you can input your name, date of birth, and Time Zone. Don’t forget to “SAVE”.

Flowlu's basic settings

Accessible Ready-made Designs Within CANVA

Stay on the page, click to go to the personal information page. Here you will fill out your contact information. Once done, click on “SAVE”. For your Profile Picture click on Camera Icon to upload your picture.

Custom homepage and dashboards

Well, that was easy! We were able to set up without any hitch.

Now that we are done with “Your Profile”. Next is the “Customize your homepage and add dashboards”

Now, if you are still unsure what to do with your homepage and dashboard. Or overwhelmed by intermingled ideas on how you can display it that is both engaging and organized.

  OBI Services can help you sort out your ideas to create astounding outcomes. Make it more efficient and user-friendly. We’ll make sure your Flowlu looks amazing while keeping your goals in mind. We won't let your Flowlu go unnoticed.  

Customize your homepage and add dashboards

The first thing the visitors see is the homepage. It is meant to attract attention, so important elements are commonly placed at the top of a strict order of significance. While Dashboards allow you to see the most important facts in real time. Curating which content to showcase on a homepage so that visitors are not overwhelmed is critical to a well-designed page.

Set Up Notifications

  Be kept updated and alerted with projects and tasks by setting up notifications. You decide what type of notification to set, whether it is email notification, push notification, or app notification. Filter important notifications using Flowlu. Only notifications that require your response or action will be displayed.  

Important notifications include the following:

  • A Task has been assigned to you.
  • A task needs changes.
  • A response is requested from you.
  • You were mentioned in a comment
  • An assigned invoice has been paid or approved.
  • The task was completed (if you're the owner and approval is disabled);
  • An announcement in the Company Feed or a Workspace.

  Syncing your Google Calendar helps have quick access to the calendar and keep all your events in one place, no matter where you are. Also, email integration in Flowlu means you can keep tabs on your email communication.  

Company Account Setup

  Company settings need to be established. Like what currency you will be using, which time zone you want to use, and pick a Portal Name. Also, you can customize the apps in Flowlu so that other users can't use them or take off apps that aren't useful to your business.  

When it comes to your team. You need to invite them. After inviting your team, configure their employee access level and user roles. Account administrators can install apps and have complete control over all settings. They can invite and delete users, as well as assign permissions to them.

Task and Projects Feature Setup of Flowlu

Do you need a team to manage your software?

Task and Projects Feature Setup

Create custom project workflows for all phases of project management. Instead of using regular statuses like To-Do List, In Progress, Approval, and Done. The task statuses can be customized to meet the needs of your business. Using a time tracker gives you the ability to keep track of the time on tasks and projects. Determine the rate of your team's work hours, and generate invoices for your clients based on projections and actual time spent.

Set deadlines and enable task generation for your teammates for comprehensive project management. Adds collaborators for fast task completion and effective collaboration. You can generate similar projects with a predetermined work structure using project workflows. You can define stages, milestones, and tasks in the workflow. Create new projects using the workflow with a few clicks. Project progress can now be tracked without effort and save time. Also, the current task can be displayed.

You can even create a project chat for your project & team to provide a dedicated space for each active project to avoid misunderstandings.

Customer and Sales Funnel Flowlu Setup

Customer and Sales Funnel Setup

Flowlu is a contact management software. It helps organize your contacts and keep them up to date. Integrate your Telephony with Flowlu so you can make calls right from your CRM with a single click, and have communication histories under each CRM card with automatic call logging.

  The customer's journey from the initial point of contact until the product purchase is represented by the sales funnel. This will help your sales process run smoothly. Many sales pipelines can be created using Flowlu. Loss causes reveal the reasons why an attempt failed. This could be due to a product's pricing, a failure to live up to customer expectations, etc.

  Create automation for your potential scenarios to prevent doing tedious manual tasks. You can automate the process of creating new opportunities with Flowlu. This will help your sales team keep tabs on your sales progress.

Finance Setup of Flowlu

Finance Setup

  Regarding financial setup. To forecast project revenue in detail, you must be very careful when setting it up. Enter your financial information and make changes to the invoice templates. Upload your logo after entering your tax details.  The templates for the estimates in Flowlu can be modified.  

In the Organizations Settings, specify the email templates for your estimates and invoices. Use a predetermined list of products or services to avoid inputting items manually when producing a new invoice. Additionally, you can incorporate online payment methods like PayPal, Square, and Stripe. So that customers can pay right away from your invoice.

The Finance Setup helps money and expense tracking simpler. Track expenses by adding a bank account then categorize your expenses and receive payments into classifications to see your cash flow clearly. Create as many categories as you want! Including ones for rent, product sales, fees, advertising, salaries, etc.

  Understand your company's performance better. By identifying what you can improve through Cash Flow Forecasting in Flowlu.

Flowlu Knowledge Base Setup

Knowledge Base Setup

A knowledge base is a database that captures your team's most valuable information. And serves as the repository where all data is systemized and structured.   Set up a knowledge hub to provide a self-service portal where your customers can use your knowledge base to ask questions and get answers without having to wait for a support agent. This helps enhance the customer experience.

You can also set up a knowledge base where both customers and clients will be charged if they avail of the modules you have created.

Flowlu Advanced Setup or Additional Settings

Advanced Setup or Additional Settings

Every team has a special method for producing software or other products. Use an agile project management tool or design your own to suit how your team operates. Establish a set of statuses that express the state a task is in clearly.

Agile project - Agile projects make it simple to handle ongoing changes and provide the greatest value to your customers. Agile project management is now used in a variety of fields, including marketing, education, HR, media, the legal sector, accounting, and more. It works particularly well for lengthy projects that are always changing.

Workspaces - Create workspaces for different departments for better project management. This helps your Project Managers and Teams to know where to go in addressing task concerns.

Online Mind Mapping Software - Use a mind map to help you visualize your ideas. It makes it easier for you to grasp, keep, analyze, and create new information. You can devise business strategies and content plans, organize projects and courses, lead brainstorming sessions, and complete any other creative duties. Discuss your ideas with the group through online mind mapping software.

Custom list - A lot of client-specific information must be logged by lawyers. The building corporation should designate contractors, architects, designers, and engineers for the projects. The majority of businesses needs to keep track of all contracts in one location. You may use Flowlu for making your own lists (tables) to keep track of pertinent information and easily locate the required data by applying filters and sorting.


Flowlu is an all-in-one business management platform designed specifically for agile teams.  Flowlu helps you track projects, plan them out, set milestones, assign tasks, and keep your team on the same page. It accommodates different phases of project management.

Flowlu not only has basic features but also amazing features as business software. It has a project chat feature, client portal feature, financial management feature, knowledge management feature, and comprehensive project workflow feature. Also, With this business software, expense tracking has become convenient.

It has great contact management features and easy acces to contacts. It also has online mind mapping software to help you visualize your ideas.

  There's nothing complicated about Flowlu. It's a web app that allows you to create and organize your own projects. You can add team members, view progress, and share information easily. And because it's web-based, you can access it anywhere at any time.  


  We know that you want an all-in-one project management tool to meet all your business objectives. And we are aware of your desire for quick results. That is why OBI Services is your ideal partner. We will provide a service where you could get the same amazing results without having to spend a lot of time working on Flowlu. Help you make custom domains, a project team, and a user interface not only to engage your employees but also prospective customers.  

We can help you manifest your ideas through Flowlu's mind map for your team and clients. As a time saver, we'll create automation rules for repeating assignments to avoid manually establishing them.

  OBI Services experts will establish your entire workflow that will complement your business. Our service is fast, responsive, and always on time. We have the most qualified Flowlu experts who will work with you. Ensuring Flowlu customization aligns with your business objectives. Using Flowlu's Agile project Tools, unlimited workflows, Sales Pipelines, and extra features.

OBI Services is devoted to making sure that your business succeeds. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you get your business to the next level!

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