HubSpot vs SuiteDash

updated on 28 February 2024

There is a lot of software that you can find for generating leads,  relationship management, and business management solutions, two of the most popular are HubSpot and SuiteDash, but before jumping to an action, which among the two is better? Let us learn more about it.

Core Features and Benefits of HubSpot

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is an inbound marketing, sales, and service program. That is intended to help businesses manage their schedule and actions such as attracting visitors, converting leads, and keeping clients or customers.

It has a reliable CRM platform that features all the necessary tools and integrations you can find for marketing, sales, content planning, and client or customer service. It also comes with free service tools that are automatically integrated with a customer management system, to help a company review transactions and have the context they need for more effective and helpful client interactions.

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Key Features HubSpot CRM Platforms:

Marketing Hub (MH)

One of its standout features is the marketing hub, which provides a personalized and adaptable advertising strategy for generating leads through the action of creating engaging content and attracting more clients.

With this, you can jump into action and make more educated, data-driven decisions with powerful custom reporting and built-in analytics. Aside from that, you can track ROI, create reports, and dashboards, and plan out schedules, which you can totally automate with triggers and share with your employees.

If you want to make the most of this software make sure to connect HubSpot to Salesforce, the integration of the two will result in faster, more dependable, two-way sync that requires no technical work and faster services.

Sales Hub

This feature allows you to stay in touch with your leads or clients while also doing other actions such as managing your contacts, deals, schedule, and tasks in your company from any location or device with the use of triggers and actions integration.

This will allow your team to stick to schedules, close more deals, build trust with prospects for long-term business relationships, manage different actions and your sales pipeline more effectively, stay on track with your schedule and interact with old and potential clients or customers from anywhere.

Service Hub

The service tool allows you to improve relationships with your employees as well as customers, communicate with the front office, and boost team efficiency.

You can find Service Hub is directly linked to HubSpot's CRM platform, and it will help you support, retain, and grow your customers base by doing actions such as like:

  • Give solutions as fast-phased as the number of requests by creating a library of articles, videos, and documentation where you can find the answers to the frequently asked questions once you search for them.
  • Meet and assist your consumers in real-time, no matter where they are on your website, by accessing multiple channels in the inbox and switching between them seamlessly with the help of triggers and actions.
  •   Use HubSpot's VoIP software to call your clients directly from the HubSpot dashboard, which includes actions like call logging and analytics.  

Content Management Software Hub

HubSpot's CMS is adaptable for marketers, the power source for developers, and offers your clients a personalized and secure experience. You can easily find and freely use HubSpot's pre-built website themes with the option of custom development, or you can create a unified site free of mismatched designs and logos.

All of these include an SEO recommendations home screen where you can easily see how to improve your site or services and take action, such as analyzing the impact of your website and optimizing your strategy by investigating which content types, sources, and campaigns are attracting clients and generating the most leads in the industry which you can easily automate with triggers and actions.

Operations Hub

With the help of two-way sync, custom field mappings, filtering, and historical syncing, HubSpot's operations software will make it simple to sync, clean, curate, and update consumer data, as well as optimize your business processes by the use of trigger and action while keeping the entire team aligned with a clean source of consumer's data. This will enable your company to review and respond to your customers' needs more quickly.

Meeting Scheduler

Meetings can be scheduled using HubSpot's meeting scheduler without the hassle of multiple email threads and reviewing paper documents. You give your clients and employees the ability to schedule their own appointments with you by using this meeting scheduler. This will sync with your Google or Office 365 calendars automatically. This free meeting scheduler simplifies international meeting planning by automatically synchronizing with everyone's time zones. This functionality makes it easier to review your schedule and find specific meetings.

Automate with Zapier

Aside from Service Hub, you can improve your results by combining HubStop and Zapier to make things work faster and be ahead of your schedule. Zapier automates work between HubSpot and over 1,400 apps by connecting them via triggers and actions.

Zapier can help you automate your business and integrate trigger actions in areas such as:

  1. Marketing Hub
  2. Sales Hub
  3. Service Hub
  4. CMS Hub; and
  5. Operations Hub

All of these areas can be optimized and streamlined, and you can create automated workflows with Zapier for each different area, making it easy for you to find and get things done on your schedule.

Account and Billing

In addition to scheduling and automating transaction processes, HubSpot allows users to view, review, and manage payments on their current subscriptions and billing details. They can use the software to review and settle payments for the aforementioned billing.

Integrating Agiled

Agiled enables you to find and sync connections across multiple apps, making it easier to review and automate advertising. Agiled allows you to send invoices, estimates, contracts, and proposals to multiple clients from multiple apps. Agiled also allows you to export connections without having to export CSV files manually.


HubSpot offers a variety of plans reasonably based on the service your company needs, including the Starter Plan which is great if you just want to plan out your schedule.

The Professional Plan, and the Enterprise Plan.

They also offer bundles that include free tools and discounted access to all of the Plans' products you can find which is surely worth your money. You can pay upfront or monthly, and there is a 14-day or 30-day free trial period depending on how you handle your money or finances. Make sure to read reviews like this before jumping in action and purchasing this software.

HubSpot Integration Softwares and Apps

HubSpot Help Center

To get help with questions and technical issues while using HubSpot, this service provider offers a Help button at the bottom-right corner of your HubSpot account. They also have the Knowledge Base feature to offer solutions for your concerns, guides, troubleshooting steps, and documentation. Their HubSpot Community is a place where you can search for questions, find answers, and interact with professionals in the industry.

And finally, they have HubSpot Support where you can contact or email in the Support section of the help panel if you encounter any problem with their services.

Visit their website at

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What is SuiteDash?

SuiteDash is more than just a client portal or schedule software; it is an All-In-One program for small to medium-sized businesses that assist you in conducting corporate actions such as managing your entire company schedule, employees, and projects.

SuiteDash enables businesses to do actions faster such as managing customer communication and connections, executing sales and advertising plans, managing projects, tracking time and expenses, and planning out a schedule with the help of triggers and actions mechanization.

Features of SuiteDash

Dashboard and Widgets

Dashboards and widgets are common features found in scheduling and management software, but what sets SuiteDash's dashboard and widgets apart is their functionality. SuiteDash's dashboard provides a small "window" version of information and resources, it is easier to track and review your schedule in the calendar, monitor employees, navigate projects, and easily update with the help of trigger automation.

White Labeling

SuiteDash offers white labeling, this functionality allows you to perform actions such as customizing the program with your preferred colors, logo, and settings.

  • Company Settings. This is where you will enter all of your company's details and configure notification settings for Portal customers, set privacy controls for Secure Messaging, and hide the Integrations menu by triggering action from your connections and Staff or employees.
  • Platform Branding. This SuiteDash feature allows you to truly personalize your program based on your business by selecting colors and themes that will be displayed throughout the user's experience on your software.
  • Email Branding. This feature of SuiteDash allows you to carry your "branding" by integrating your company's logo, customizing the colors, and adding your footer information to every notification email sent via Domain Verified Sending or SMTP done with the help of trigger action.
  • Custom URL. SuiteDash also has a feature that allows you to create a custom URL that your users will use to log in. This URL will be displayed for every area of the program, including any links generated upon searching, such as Invoices or Proposals, throughout Portal use still with the help of trigger action.
  • Custom Login Page. SuiteDash also allows users to create custom login pages to ensure that they are fully branded for your business. It allows you to configure your security settings, upload your App Icon and Favicon for viewing on mobile devices, and create or enable your own White Label Mobile App.
  • Create Your Own Mobile App. SuiteDash also includes your own mobile app, which is automatically unlocked and enabled after you fully configure your Custom URL and Custom Login page using "Progressive Web App" technology. Users especially clients, can go to your custom URL and download your app to their devices.

Portal Pages

SuiteDash also has portal pages, which are blank pages to which you can add whatever content you want. These pages can be permissioned for just Contacts or the clients, just Staff, or a combination of Roles or individual users monitored and run by trigger actions.

  • Start Page. It is important to customize this for the reason that it os the first thing your Prospect or Client logs into the program, this is the first thing they see.
  • Placeholder Links. This SuiteDash feature provides clients with a dynamic experience when visiting your portal. This can be used in Portal Pages, Project Updates, Notices, and so on, and will adapt to the appropriate Contact who is logged into the program.
  • Content Categories. This SuiteDash feature enables your company to label various types of clients or Events with your connections, it also allows you to perform actions such as creating a complex hierarchy of Task Priorities for the reason of staying on track with the schedule, categorizing CRM Deals, and much more. For easy management, these labels appear as color-coded "tags.
  • Custom Menus. With SuiteDash's custom menu you can rename, reorder or update, hide based on Role, and even create new Menu Items with this feature.

Customer Relationship Management

You can use SuiteDash's CRM feature. This functionality allows you to organize, update, and interact with your contacts as well as optimize the whole process with trigger automation.

  • SuiteDash's CRM lets you organize and update contacts based on roles such as Lead, Prospect, and Client.
  • When you enable Company First Mode in your SuiteDash account, your Projects, Invoices, and other Portal assets will be associated with a Company.
  • Contacts can be easily created and removed.

Learning Management System

SuiteDash features LMS whose functionality is focused on personnel learning as it schedules and delivers educational courses, training programs, and other types of learning material where company members can relearn the basics of the corporate world as well as learn new things. Each learning material consists of a module or group of modules that participants can open and read to learn the things they need.

Monetizing Courses or Products

You can sell products in addition to learning through SuiteDash's LMS functionality. Create and sell your course as a product. These SuiteDash products can be used by your customers and personnel by providing them with professional learning products or courses. You can combine several courses into a single Product package in SuiteDash.

Project Management

This SuiteDash feature enables you to effectively plan out or search in your schedule which you and your employees can update from time to time in order to complete more company projects. SuiteDash's project monitoring enables you to create and monitor tasks to make sure your schedule is followed based on various project phases, which can all be viewed and reviewed via the project dashboard.

Subscriptions and Billing

This SuiteDash feature enables you to configure the appropriate payment channels and accept online payments, schedule, or send invoices from your clients. You can accomplish this by establishing a Payment Gateway to receive funds from Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, or Authorize. net.

Invoices can be easily created and instantly uploaded to your SuiteDash Client's Dashboard for them to view and pay. Fill in the Items, Taxes, and Discounts fields. SuiteDash also lets you set them in your preferred currency and customize them to meet the needs of your business. If you do not want to receive payment from a SuiteDash payment gateway, you can manually record the invoice payment if the client pays by bank or cash.

File ToolKit

SuiteDash allows you to upload and update any type or size of the file as long as the source of the document is an authorized person and it fits within the limits of the File Space assigned to your account which you can easily search and edit.

My Calendar

This SuiteDash feature displays a list of your upcoming Appointments, Events, and Tasks in a calendar accessible almost by everyone in the program. Clients and employees can choose the reason for their schedule by booking a time slot in the Appointment section. Aside from selecting a time, they must also classify the reason for the said schedule; in this case, it will be much easier for you to search in and review your entire schedule in SuiteDash.


This SuiteDash feature facilitates data collection by allowing you to create forms to easily collect data in the industry such as the following:

  • Kickoff Form which is useful if you want to "kickoff" automation when a Contact self-registers in the Portal.
  • Form Update is a unique SuiteDash feature that can be used if you need to change the information of a registered Contact.
  • General Form which is a simple, multipurpose Form that does not store data in a database. It is intended for you to collect and view information.

Workflow Automation

SuiteDash also includes triggers and actions, which are automated sequences that you can set up across your platform to provide faster services and a better experience for your clients. It is a well-known feature of SuiteDash, as its unique pre-programmed automation is chained together to create a fully automated action or command sequence. SuiteDash's trigger primarily makes use of Zapier, an online automation tool that supports two or more apps to optimize repetitive tasks or actions without the need to create new coding or the involvement of developers in the industry. Zapier is a well-known software when it comes to business automation and a great one to use with SuiteDash.


SuiteDash pricing offers plans for Start, Thrive, and Pinnacle that features unlimited CRM contacts, unlimited staff or teams, and an unlimited portal which is definitely worth your money. SuiteDash also comes with White Labeling, a custom-branded mobile app, campaigns for email marketing, and 100GB of file storage that can be upgraded or downgraded based on your money or budget.

SuiteDash Pricing Plans

SuiteDash Support is SuiteDash's customer support service email address and Help Documentation to help you get started on the program and offer possible solutions or actions for the problems you have encountered.

 Visit their SuiteDash website at

Which Is Better, HubSpot or SuiteDash?

According to several Capterra as well as customer reviews, if you are just starting out or growing your agency, HubSpot is the best software to fit your needs because it will help you attract, engage, and delight your clients while also helping you manage your schedule and accomplish tasks or actions more efficiently.

If you run a small to medium-sized business,  Capterra reviews say you should choose or invest in SuiteDash. According to Capterra if you want cost-effective, fully-branded solutions for Client Portal, File Sharing, Email Marketing, CRM, Invoicing, and Internal Messaging then you should definitely opt for this.

However, these Capterra reviews should only be used as a guide when selecting the best software for your company's needs. Choose something that is worth your money and completely meets your requirements.

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