Plutio vs SuiteDash: Best for Managing Business

updated on 28 February 2024

Compare the top options for your business in terms of client experiences and business management platform, product service and features, and price comparisons

Plutio and SuiteDash Effectivity Comparison

What is Plutio?

It is an all-in-one business management software for small businesses and freelancers. Offers advanced functionality that allows users to manage their businesses, communicate with consumers, and enable team collaboration in a single place. Running a business is no longer a process of switching between apps or managing different subscriptions.


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Key Feature Reviews:

Client Management

This feature can add or invite potential patrons in collaborating real-time. Schedule calls or meetings on contacts profiles. Tracking every individual's information through custom fields and seeing their online status.

Client Portals and Dashboards

Customize dashboards and client platforms with rich content, interactive charts, KPIs, and more. Offers interactive charts such as bars, pies, lines, and more that can be used to display data in real-time. Design personalized dashboards that only display relevant data for each role. Display data from third-party sources within the app.

Platform Branding

This feature makes platform truly yours by replacing the branding (e.g. subdomain), logo, and the colors of the UI. It's important to personalize your e-mail address for outbound e-mails and notifications.

Contracts & Document e-Signing

Easily make, send, and track contracts and legal documents. Make contract templates and reuse them. Each contract has its URL that can directly be allocated. Using electronic signatures you can make legally binding documents in minutes and signed by one or more parties.

Knowledgebase Wiki

Numerous wiki workspaces can be made with their own set of preferences and rights. Use a drag-and-drop editor tool to add photographs, videos, tables, and more. Create an easy-to-use knowledge base to support your team and keep them up to date. Also, give solutions to your customer questions.

Projects and Tasks Management

You can save your projects as templates to reuse them and even add extra information to your projects and tasks. Each project provides a real-time graphic progress meter. Set clear goals and deliverables for each project. Use color tags, set start and finish dates, and set hourly rates for the projects.

Invoice and Proposals

Quickly send invoices and create plans in minutes. Use PayPal and Stripe for payments. Make templates for your contracts, blocks, and plans to keep track of where each belongs. The Automation can produce proposals and statements for you after it has been accepted.

Time Tracking Management

A tool that enables you to keep tabs on time whenever and visualizes everyone's entries in a single place.

Its features include:

  • Instant time tracking
  • Manual logging
  • Real-time stats
  • Billable tasks
  • Invoices from timesheets
  • Public link
  • Printable, Downloadable, transmittable Timesheets

Surveys and Forms

Collect data using responsive forms and surveys that may be shared or embedded online. Customize forms using the software's stylesheet and save them as templates. Fields inside the forms are Short and Long text, Dropdown, Multiple choice, Image Choice, Full name, Phone number, Full Address, etc.


Make Live-Chat Widgets to your plans, statements, and wiki pages. Embed it onto your site. Add teammates to the live-chat inbox with ease. Unread responses from teammates are sent to the contact's e-mail address, and their replies are retrieved from the inbox. It offers changeable colors and an adjustable widget. Position it anywhere on the software. It is also mobile-friendly.

Calendar Integration - Keep tabs on deadlines, organize events, allocate them to work, and much more. Integrate your calendar to Google, Apple, and Microsoft.


Plutio Pricing Plan

Help Center

Built-in live chat on your account main menu or send them an e-mail via

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Do you need a team to set up or manage your software?


What is SuiteDash?

Is a cloud-based integrated client platform that brings together all your business's capabilities. Whether you're a small or medium-sized business, it will support your business management needs. It provides users with a more compact option for learning and deploying various systems. It helps businesses manage consumer communication and connection, execute sales and marketing plans, track time and expenses, and develop feasible calendars.

Key Features Reviews:

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management allows you to manage, organize, and communicate with individuals or groups of contacts. Change each contact's information and add to Circles, Audiences, Notes, and other groups. Take on the role of a Contact to see how they use the software. Use Company first tool if you're in collaboration mainly with businesses. A point of contact is needed for each business for any permissions, e-mail notifications, etc.

Software for Client Portals

Contacts and/or team members can have access to Portal Pages, which are filled with pertinent information and resources. All users will see the identical Portal Page, with the exception that any Dynamic Data Placeholders will generate unique, individualized information.

White Labeling & Branding

Change the logo or choose a preset theme in Platform Branding to alter the Registration Page and the overall design of your dashboard for your business advantage. Change the e-mail sending method to Default Sending Method, SMTP, Domain Verified Sending, Gmail/Google Workspace, or Microsoft. Update the e-mail logo and colors, and connect your brand's social media accounts in the footer area.

Documents & eSigning

Documents can now be read and digitally signed inside the software. The feature can generate the necessary data from reports, estimates, or work, or it can be assigned to a Contact directly during creation. You can let the user sign the document even before approving them as a Prospect or Consumer on the site.

Billing, Estimates & Invoicing Management

The feature offers a payment gateway and chooses either Stripe, Braintree, Paypal, or Authorize.Net. Client dashboards allow consumers to view and pay statements.

Utilize an invoice generator to process identical invoices for multiple consumers, and distribute invoices when necessary. Also, it offers recurring generators, subscription plans, accumulating generators, and estimates.

Calendar Management

This displays a list of your forthcoming Appointments, Events, and Tasks. You may also use the Calendar to make, reschedule, or cancel appointments and check their status.

Project and Task Management

Task Generator lets you design a Project framework with automated variables and settings. Make a template for a task/project that is beneficial to your entire business, particularly if you work in multiple businesses. Format it by your business standard for reporting project status. Invite individuals to participate in project updates by allowing them to send remark messages to team members.

Embeddable Forms

This software has different types of forms to collect data. A form that is for potential contacts who have not yet registered for the portal. A form for updating contact information. A multipurpose form that is suitable for collecting and viewing information and any application. It can be utilized internally and externally and the results are saved within the software for your convenience.

Advanced File Transfer

Files (PDFs, images, videos, etc. ) can be shared by individuals, prospects, and any internal Role in the software. By default, all users have permission to the Files menu item that allows them to upload files. Folders are accessible and actions are available through the logged-in user's Role's permission.

Email Campaigns & Drip Marketing

Newsletters, nurturing campaigns, and any other type of e-mail sent to your contacts can be designed, managed, and scheduled in the software. E-mail campaigns are organized e-mails you send to subscribers. Email transmissions can be scheduled. Drip sequences intend to automate marketing campaigns so that marketers can handle personal interactions with contacts after they join an Audience.

LMS (Learning Management System)

This tool provides education courses, training platforms, and other learning material which can be used by both contacts and team members. Every course has a module—or a collection of modules—that the student can open and read. Make customized materials for free or paid.


Triggers or actions are pre-programmed automation or workflow that can be utilized throughout the platform compared to other platforms. Use this tool to sequence automated commands for workflows. They can be chained and making them a very efficient and time-saving tool.


SuiteDash Pricing Plans

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Final Review

Both platforms target freelancers and agency owners as consumers and offer a variety of capabilities, including proposals, time tracking, forms, client portals, invoicing process, and automation. There are powerful features that you can create and customize inside the platform for a smooth client journey.

Both programs target freelancers and agency owners as consumers and offer a variety of capabilities, including plans, keeping tabs on time, forms, invoicing process, and automation. There are powerful tools that you can create and customize inside the system for a smooth consumer journey.

Plutio is an excellent choice if you're just getting started but have several jobs running concurrently because it could help in work management so you can concentrate even more on your assignments. One of its key advantages is its customization versatility.


SuiteDash includes the most popular system features of all-in-one business software. It is an excellent software that will not only take care of all of your client management, project management, and consumer invoicing needs, but it also contains other important features like white labels and security. It is also available on mobile. A consumer management business software that offers unique features at an affordable price.

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