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Customer Support is a range of customer services to assist customers in making cost-effective and correct use of a product. It is defined as the provision of products or services to help customers or clients reach their goals or satisfy their needs. If you don't have a process or people to fulfill these needs, then you don't have a customer service department.

OBI Services customer support outsourcing services philippines

Helping you Satisfy your customers and strengthen your brand.

OBI Services understands that one of the most effective ways to increase engagement from your customers is through great customer support.

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    Support is a service

    Customer service is what we specialize in. It's what we do best. With over 15 years of experience, we answer questions on the phone, through email, chat, and even social media. We are here to help you maintain customer satisfaction every step of the way. 

    We are here to provide customer service. Our Customer Support Service is the ideal way to help you explain your service and make your prospects have a clearer understanding of what you can do for them. That means we are able to provide your clients with an all-round service. We will answer their questions, whether they are about how your product performs, what it looks like or even how to put it together.

    You’ve done the hard work – now it’s time to turn that traffic into revenue. OBI Services Customer Support Service will speak to your prospects over the phone or via email and explain the benefits of your range of products. We’ll make sure that you and your clients’ experience with will be as pleasant as possible. We want you to be a trusted business partner to your clients, so we are here to provide you with the best and most personalised service possible. 

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    Customer service that goes the extra mile.

    OBI Services is the leading call center in the Philippines. We help business owners improve and increase their customer satisfaction through our Customer Support Service. Outsourcing Customer Support can give you a lot of benefits such as :

    • Showing customers you value their business
    • Building trust with new customers
    • Explaining your service and making your prospects have a clearer understanding
    • Enhancing your image as a company
    • Giving customers real value with their purchase
    • Increased engagement from customers

    So let's do customer service today! Start with one customer service experience that we have made a success.


    OBI Services has a wide range of knowledge and experience in Customer Support, includes online marketing strategies, creating content, and SEO fundamentals. We do everything we can to help you and your business grow. With personalised attention and a team of dedicated specialists we're able to help you provide excellent customer support service, in order to ensure your business stays on top as possible.

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    The OBI Services Difference

    As a client, you know that there are a lot of services that can help you take your business to the next level. We work with you to explain how our service can benefit you. At OBI Services, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best possible customer experience. That’s why we provide a 24/7 customer support service. Our Customer Support team will handle any queries you or your clients have - from ordering your product to making a complaint. Providing a personalized and effective service. 

    Providing efficient and effective customer support service is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and resources to make sure you are providing the proper support to your clients. However, OBI Services makes things easier for you. Our affordable customer support service will help you provide your clients with the best customer support service in the Philippines.

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Why Choose OBI Services?

OBI Services team has assisted several businesses worldwide. As a distinguished data entry service provider, we ensure reliable and accurate data entry services.
Why Choose customer support outsourcing services philippines

A Combined 20 Years of Experience

With a combined 20 years of experience in this field, we assure you that our team will only give nothing but the best in all our services.
customer support outsourcing services philippines 20 Years of Experience
  • We can provide the staff you need for this task and we ourselves will manage them. May it be from 1 staff or to a 100, we will surely deliver.
  • We have softwares and devices for each service, rest assured that we are capable of any service you request.
  • All you need to do is send us the details for the task you need to be worked on, explain additional instructions, and wait for results.


Data are carefully evaluated based on your requirements, and undergoes a control check before sending.
customer support outsourcing services philippines Quality


Final output is delivered within the specified timeline.
customer support outsourcing services philippines Availability


OBI Services is flexible in what you need. You tell us your requested task and we will work on ways that can accommodate them. You can change tasks and services anytime and we ensure to cater them all.
customer support outsourcing services philippines Flexibility


Flexibility is also about volume. Do you only need 1 staff or 100? No worries, as OBI Services is the leading outsource provider, rest assured we can cater to all your needs.
customer support outsourcing services philippines Reliability


You can be at ease with our 24/7 Customer Support.
OBI Services customer support outsourcing services philippines


Each task is being priced by the amount of time and difficulty it requires.
customer support outsourcing services philippines is Worth It

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