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Today, businesses can collect data along every point of the customer journey. This information might include mobile app usage, digital clicks, interactions on social media and more, all contributing to a data fingerprint that is completely unique to its owner.

However, at some point not too long ago, the thought of customers sharing information such as what time they woke up, what they ate for breakfast, or where they went on holiday, would have been a bizarre consideration to say the least.

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    Data analysis is important in business to understand problems facing an organisation, and to explore data in meaningful ways. Data in itself is merely facts and figures. Data analysis organises, interprets, structures and presents the data into useful information that provides context for the data 

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    Data analysis is an internal organisational function performed by Data Analysts that is more than merely presenting numbers and figures to management. It requires a much more in-depth approach to recording, analysing and dissecting data, and presenting the findings in an easily-digestible format.

    With a data analysis course you’ll be able to provide a company with decision-making insight into the following key areas:

    • Predict customer trends and behaviours
    • Analyse, interpret and deliver data in meaningful ways
    • Increase business productivity
    • Drive effective decision-making 
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    Their responsibilities around analysing data help the business managers make informed decisions to drive the company forward, improve efficiency, increase profits and achieve organisational goals.

    To do this effectively, Data Analysts need to be able to:

    • Understand business direction and objectives
    • Explore the meaning behind the numbers and figures in data
    • Analyse the causes of certain events based on data findings
    • Present technical insights using easy-to-understand language
    • Contribute to business decision-making by offering educated opinions 
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Data Analytics Services

  • Google 512
    Google Sheet/ Docs Analysis
    This service specifically focuses on information analyzing in Google Sheets/Docs.
  • Unnamed
    Microsoft Office Data Analysis (Powerpoint, Excel, Word)
    This service specifically focuses on information analyzing in Google Sheets/Docs.
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    Database Analysis
    Involves the identification of the data elements which are needed to support the data processing system of the organization.

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