Google Sheets and Docs Data Entry

When Google came up Google Docs and Google Sheets, it started a completely new way people collaborate online to create and work on documents and sheets in groups. The extremely user-friendly interface for collaborating completely changed the way people work today. 

A lot of StartUp businesses today manage all their data using Google Sheets. Mainly it helps them to work in teams together on the same Sheet, at the same time. Each one can also visually very easily see what the others are doing right now in the sheet.

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    Sharing with limited rights to edit for certain people

    You can select your ranges and restrict editing rights to certain people.

    First, share the sheet with all who you want to allow to edit.

    • Click on Share, add the email id’s.
    • Then, restrict editing rights.
    • Select the Range that don’t want to allow to edit.
    • Under Data menu, click on Protected Sheets & Ranges.
    • Click on the + sign
    • Ensure the correct Range is selected
    • Click on Set permissions
    • Select Custom and enter the email id’s who you want to restrict

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    Ease of Corporate Communication

    Work-based collaboration is simplified for companies that embrace Google Docs. The lag time that exists with emailing documents to other employees is eliminated as communication is real-time and access to documents is available worldwide. Conversations are efficient as files share easily among allowed individuals.

    When employees work in remote areas, Google Docs lets you all work together on single documents at the same time. You can each also access the shared folder of files. Feedback and changes save instantly. Google Apps provides a revision history throughout the entire process.

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    Variety of Information to Share

    Imagine the company topics you can discuss over the shared files. Google Apps integrates with hundreds of Apps to extend functionality and improves collaboration.

    • Marketing projects
    • Project Management 
    • Brand awareness 
    • Sales CRM 

    For example spreadsheets can be shared so that document website analytics compiled by a separate organization can be reviewed in real-time. Engage in real-time discussions about numbers and form a plan to continue to drive traffic to the company.

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