Survey Calling

A systematic collection a data from demography by making calls automatically to the preset list of respondents at the aim of collecting information and gain feedback via the telephone and the internet.

A telephone survey is one of the survey methods used in collecting data either from the general population or from a specific target population. Telephone numbers are utilized by trained interviewers to contact and gather information from possible respondents.

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      Advantages of Phone-Based Interviewing

      There are several reasons why researchers choose CATI interview methodology over other survey methodologies. Here are just a few: Research can be gathered quickly because phone interviews are immediate and skilled interviewers can complete a lot of surveys in a day of work.

      Most people have telephones, so you have an ample audience for gathering a representative sample to complete the survey. A telephone interview has a personal touch, so it can lead to valuable brand-building benefits if the interviewer surveys in a professional and skilled way. Telephone interviews can be cost-effective as you can have a higher response rate than web surveys, for example. 

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      Making The Decision

      As you make your decision about which type of survey methodology to use, keep in mind as well that you have several different options for conducting your market research. For example, IdSurvey software allows mixed mode, so you can combine different methodologies in the same research project. Mixing methodologies give you a high flexibility in data collection and can increase your survey response rate.

      When considering the advantages and disadvantages of telephone interview surveys, you should understand that the software you choose is the key component in facilitating your project. When you choose the right survey software, all the other pieces of your project can easily fall into place.

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      Good Quality Control

      Good Quality Control. Trained interviewers can ask the questions to the respondents in a uniform manner, promoting accuracy and precision in eliciting responses. 

      The phone interviews are also recorded, which means that the analyst has an opportunity to observe and analyze the behavior or attitude of the respondents toward controversial issues (e.g. state disputes, preferred presidential candidates, etc.) or new concepts (new products, laws to be passed, etc.).

      The telephone survey approach provides perhaps the highest level of anonymity for respondents who wish to hold their opinions in confidentiality. This facilitates accuracy in responses, especially in controversial topics. 

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    • What is the importance of Survey Calling?

      Surveys are useful in describing the characteristics of a large population. No other research method can provide this broad capability, which ensures a more accurate sample to gather targeted results in which to draw conclusions and make important decisions.

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