Top BPO On-Demand Outsourcing Services

What is Tech Outsourcing? The term "tech outsourcing" refers to the process when a business owner, on a small or large scale, opts to hire a service company(or a team of people). They provide the technical expertise that they don't have. This includes completing a proposed plan, providing support, and helping with a specific aspect of their operation. Businesses are now considering how to utilize BPO tech solutions to their advantage.

Have you tried technical solutions outsourcing or have done so in the past? Then you can leverage your current relationship with a technology outsourcing organization. It can help create a network of contacts who can help you find these opportunities. There are a lot of benefits to hiring a BPO solutions center outsourcing.

On Demand Outsourcing Tech Support Services

Improved Quality:

When you outsource your work, you will get a higher-quality product. Service delivered to you by someone very skilled at what they do. With this process, you'll get more work done in less time.

Cost Efficiencies:

Hiring an outsourced organization center for their services is a great idea. You can save money on equipment, technology, office space, and training. This is especially important if your work requires expensive equipment and infrastructure. The employee management function is taken out. You can now avoid the crunching numbers in accounting for your employee's payroll.

Improved Productivity:

Tech BPO solutions let you focus on your business. The tech BPO solutions company handles the technical aspects of your work as well. Their services allow you to have more time and energy to focus on other aspects of your company or organization.

New Markets:

You may be able to get into a market that you did not know existed. With tech outsourcing process you can gain new customers and solutions for your new market.


The more you know about technology, the better you'll be able to understand what opportunities are fit for your enterprise. How they can be used to your benefit. By being an expert, you'll be able to get others to pay attention to you and your company. In the technological age, finding growth solutions is crucial.

OBI Services Top Process Outsourcing Company in the Country

With so many organizations providing outsourced tech services, why choose OBI Services? OBI Services is a leading business process outsourcing BPO. It helped create solutions for different businesses to get what they specifically want. With years of management experience in the technical industry, we garnered thousands of business clients by implementing solutions that will allow you to reach more customers and grow your business.

OBI Services is one of the top BPO companies based in the Philippines. We are a company that centers on ways to improve and innovate our services as a provider. We take pride in the trust our valued customers have given us. It has helped us in forging better solutions and brought new insights to our services. We are passionate about creating solutions for you.

OBI Services' Management Team

OBI Services' management team ensures a full-proof process in handling projects and operations. The infrastructure of our management centers on global standards as an outsourced solutions provider. Office operations productivity is handled by the management competently. 

Our Team Members' Management

Our staff understands privacy, security, and quality. The staff has the capability to handle pressure proficiently. We exercise accountability and time management in every task we undertake. With our staff's services, you will be able to devote more time to the major aspects of your company. If you need long-term business services, our team is the one for you. 

Affordable Pricing for Everyone

  • Dedicated IT Support

    Dedicated support is an outsourced support model where the support provider assigns an expert (or experts) exclusively for your company. A dedicated support person works very much like your own employee.

Choose OBI Services as a BPO Outsource Technical Support Provider

OBI Services is a notable company providing all of your technical needs. We provide services that are fast, simple, secure, and easy to use. Our team members are always available. Our agents are ready to answer your questions, provide help, and resolve any major issues that may arise. We offer the best customer support system in place to ensure a seamless customer experience. We can be your one-stop shop for everything technical-related. The following services are just a sneak peek of what we can offer: Website Development, Website Design, SaaS Product Support, Image and Video Editing. As a result, more companies/organizations employ their technical solutions to us.

Quality Support and Affordable Fees

You may be spending money on our products and services. But, we assure you that this is a fantastic opportunity to get assets from us. It will aid in the growth of your business, the acquisition of new customers, and even an increase in profit.

Think about it. The process of hiring an employee, the time spent training them, looking for an office space for them, and purchasing new equipment may cost you more. Not only money, but your time as well. That is where we come in. By choosing our BPO services, you will be decreasing the cost of your resources and making time well spent.

Our BPO services are affordable, with no hidden fees included. One that can deliver a quality job on time and within budget. We will make sure that you are always kept informed about what is happening with your assigned task. Reach out to our contact center. You can call, email, or chat with us. Whichever is more compatible with your business. Contact us now to discuss your business needs and broaden your horizons.

What makes us different from other BPO outsourcing providers?

We want to help you achieve your goals and are programmed to exceed your expectations. We will look into how you and your business perform for us to create solutions that suit your needs. Through our team of expert professionals, we are here to back you up. They are dedicated to making sure your project is a success. We are outsourced carefully and are adept in our field to ensure competency in our services. We understand that maintaining your business is your priority as an outsourced provider. This is why our support team's goal is to keep your apps in good shape.


Our Goal

We aim to provide great customer service. We will always do everything we can to ensure that you are satisfied with our work. We are always open to feedback, which is something we value and it helps us grow as an organization. We have a friendly staff that will assist you in any way they can.

Your Interest

You may have different needs or priorities, but no matter what they are, as a provider, we will customize our services to meet your requirements as our cherished customer. We believe in simplicity and quality. That is why we are the leading outsourcing BPO service company in the technology industry.

Outsourced Providers for Start-ups

Are you a start-up? New to the Digital World? Without the need for extra office space. No major accounting processing is needed. Then we are the BPO solution provider for you. We offer simple contract processing for you. We offer a great number of resources for you as an outsourced provider. With us, you will learn the know-how in management and then handle employees on your own and have an office infrastructure. Our services will function as a stepping stone for your future.

You as Our Client

As a provider, our BPO services are not limited to formulating solutions. We also function as an educator. Not only are we sending you daily reports. We will educate you on how the operating system works and assist you with the system issues of your organization. You will have a better understanding of the technical side of your enterprise. Leading to growth on a personal level is something that we are more than happy to offer. 

Our Client's Market Value

As an outsourced technical provider specialist, our skills are honed not only to help our customers' operations run smoothly but also to expand their customer base globally. This is why we take into consideration our client's global market value. We research marketing solutions that we can use while assisting you.

We keep in mind that websites are no longer just a place to host information or a business’s main page. It can be used as a tool to raise brand awareness, create leads, enhance sales, and improve our clients' reputations. It currently plays a significant role in digital marketing. If our services can increase your market value, then it will be a bonus for us as a provider.

What services do we offer as a BPO outsource technical support provider?

The world of technology is always changing and so is the BPO service demand of enterprises. We understand this and have done some research to adapt to the changing market to ensure your business stays ahead of the curve. With these in mind, we've made sure our team of outsourced solutions experts is on top of their game in the digital world. 

  • Web design services provider

    Your web design will be eye-catching. At the same time, effective and will represent your business or organization in the best light possible. We have all the knowledge, skills, and experience you need to build a web presence for your business. We strive to meet your goals and objectives. With our services, we will make sure your website will look professional. Provides the information you want to convey to your customers. We have the solutions that take care of all the technical tasks a regular website owner has to do using the latest program available. 

  • Video Editing services provider

    Why struggle with video editing when we can handle it for you? We can reduce segments (trimming), rearrange clips, make transitions, and add other special effects.

    We'll work within your budget and timeline to deliver a product you can be proud of. With our BPO services, you will receive a professionally produced DVD or Blu-ray video as one of our clients. You can use it for your website, YouTube channel, social media accounts, and more. Services at a reasonable price. We can supply the content required for all your marketing or personal needs.

  • Supported Software Setup and Maintenance services provider

    Our team will also be able to perform any program installation or configuration issues that you may encounter. Through our services, we can help you find solutions to avoid major system crashes that can affect your business operation. We use a simple interface function to access and update your database. It provides a single point of access to view or manipulate many different databases at the same time. We have a skilled team of technicians who can ensure that your systems are up and running. 

  • Support Software Integration (API/Webhook)

    Software integration can be a strenuous process, especially if a company uses many system programs or has separate large data sources. You will need a team of engineers or specialists to perform system integration. Look no further! We are the solution to your problem. Through API/Webhook, OBI Services will give you access to all the functionality you need for your company to run smoothly. By providing advice on how to use new technologies and processes, we will help you make the best use of your data.  

  • Website Development services provider

    We are one of the most efficient website development BPO companies. We have a team of professional developers, designers, and SEO experts. Our experienced team members will work tirelessly to develop a robust website that will attract more visitors and generate higher revenues. We specialize in developing websites on different platforms. Our team has developed a number of projects, sectors like retail, e-commerce, corporate, hospitality, etc. Our clients are satisfied with our solution services. 

List of Apps we Support:



Unicorn Platform



Meta Box

Pabbly Connect









Aside from tons of apps, we also provide other BPO services like Data Entry Solutions and Virtual Assistants for your business. 

Request a Software

 We add new software to support on a regular basis. If your app is not yet supported, upvote so we can prioritize learning the software.