Flowlu vs SuiteDash: Client Portal Integration

updated on 28 February 2024

Flowlu vs SuiteDash is a great topic to discuss. Learn the difference in this article. I will be comparing the features, pricing, and software integration.

Comparing the core features of SuiteDash and Flowlu

What is Flowlu?

Flowlu is an all-in-one online solution for all businesses. Flowlu's integration allows you to create and manage all of your projects and tasks, as well as finance, lead generation, and customer management. Stay current on news and trends and always have a full understanding of what's happening in your business. Additionally, you can network with other enterprises/individuals to maximize your Flowlu integration experience.

Do you need a team to set up or manage your software?


Online CRM

CRM integration can manage the business prospects in your sales funnel, tracking new opportunities and generating leads. Integrate your telephony provider, such as Twilio or Zadarma, to call your clients right from their CRM card. Reduce errors and simplify your sales operations by automating repetitive tasks. Generate and manage professional invoices. After completing a webform, it captures leads and receives feedback from website visitors. Convert website visitors into leads with ease. Add many types of custom fields to your options. Apply business-specific information to your prospects and connections.

CRM Integration with Flowlu


Add your logo or personal message, change the layout, or apply a color scheme appropriate to your company to totally customizable templates. Calculate taxes, discounts, and shipping charges for single-line items or invoice totals. Email bills to your customers directly. Create and send invoices to customers automatically based on your settings and schedule. Seamless invoice integration with major online payment methods to allow customers to pay directly from your invoice. Receive notifications whenever a payment is made to save time and effort for your staff.

Project Management Solution

The project integration offered by the program gives a thorough picture of work progress at each stage. Also, quickly create related projects with a predetermined course of action using project workflows. This helps your coworkers start over on the same project. Easily estimate project expenses, predict revenue, and compare them to actual outcomes. You may monitor the general health and state of the project with a simple issue log.

Task Management

Check what's been completed and what needs your approval. Filter tasks by project, priority, due date, or even assignee. Break down complex tasks into manageable steps and assign them to teammates using subtasks. Analyze and track the time spent on each project to increase productivity and efficiency. Generate recurring tasks for chores and activities that occur frequently. Also, construct various workflow automations to match your industry's size and requirements.

Collaboration Tools & Management

Instantly communicate with your team, ask for feedback, answer questions, share real-time updates and ideas, and keep everyone informed. Add emojis for fast response and invite new coworkers to the conversation by sharing vital files and photographs. The company feed allows you to keep everyone up to speed by discussing the latest news, brainstorming new ideas, and broadcasting announcements. In a project chat, you may easily share and discuss key project details and make choices.

Flowlu Integration of Agile Project Management

Use the default agile process or develop your own to suit your team's needs. Concentrate on what your customers greatly appreciate. Use subtasks and checklists to break down tasks into manageable portions. With this integration in Flowlu, the software can track your sprint estimate burndown and visualize your progress over time with ease. Use a time-tracking Agile project management software to keep track of and estimate the time spent on the team's tasks and issues.

Flowlu Integration of Knowledge Base Management

The Knowledge Base integration allows you to save and share essential knowledge and experience with your team. Your customers and users can access it from anywhere on the internet. Pinning your knowledge base's most popular articles will highlight them on the home page. Personalize your articles. By adding tables, pictures, and videos using an effortless editor, as well as tags and interlinking your articles, you can improve the client experience for everyone. Use metadata to make your information search engine-friendly. You may make your knowledge base stand out more by incorporating your webpage, header art, and logo.

Mind Mapping Software

Make as many mind maps as you like, generate ideas, and turn them into projects. Expand your business without limits. With this integration, you can send your visual notes to your teammates anywhere with ease by sharing a link. It contains eye-catching icons and markers to highlight issues, track the progress of project objectives, or create custom fields to record additional, niche information about your company. Use online mind mapping software to discuss themes, describe modifications and additions made to your map by other users, and propose new ideas in real-time comments.

Flowlu supports mind mapping strategy

Flowlu Integrations

Flowlu offers supported integrations with apps such as:

  • Google Drive
  • Integrated
  • Flowlu Open API Integration
  • Zendesk Support
  • Pabbly
  • SyncSpider
  • KonnectzIT
  • Slack
  • and more

Flowlu Help Center

Contact their support through email: support@flowlu.com or visit their helpdesk website at https://www.flowlu.com/help/

They also have a Support Center self-service Portal at Help Center.

Visit their website at https://www. flowlu.com/.

Hire a team to set up Flowlu or SuiteDash

What is SuiteDash?

A fully integrated, cloud-based platform that helps small- to medium-sized businesses. It is more than just client management software. Business owners have to juggle multiple software applications to run their businesses effectively. It is time-consuming and expensive, particularly if those applications don't play well together. The platform integrates the most commonly used business tools into a single, easy-to-use application. This makes it simpler and more cost-effective to run your business while still giving you the power and flexibility you need to grow.


Customer Relationship Management

This integration allows you to manage, organize, and interact with contacts individually or in mass. You may change each contact's information and add them to circles, audiences, notes, and more, impersonate a contact to see how they interacted with the platform. Each company will need a primary contact when Company First is activated. This primary contact will be the company's primary point of contact, and all permissions, access, e-mail notifications, and other company-related features will be attached to that primary contact's user/e-mail address. The primary contact can be replaced at any time. The company's permissions, access, and email notifications will be passed to the new primary contact. Therefore, the new primary contact will be the company's main point of contact.

Project and Task Management

This integration allows you to establish a project framework with automatically devised variables and settings. Task or project templates are also useful for your business, especially if you specialize in multiple industries. Additionally, you can allow users to take part in your project updates and communicate with staff through comment messages.

Billing, Estimates, and Invoicing

Through this, you can set up your payment gateway. Your customers may pay you online using Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, and Authorize.net. Make statements that are automatically uploaded to your client's Dashboard for them to view and pay. Activate the Items, Taxes, and Discounts plugins. Then set them in your preferred currency and change them to your specifications. Invoice generators can help you produce identical invoices for multiple customers. Make invoices ahead of time and apply them to customers as needed. This is very beneficial for companies who bill by tiers or packages rather than by individual items. Recurring Generators, Subscription Plans, Accumulating Generators, and Estimates are options you can try out.

Advanced File Transfer

Upload any type or size of file as long as it's within the limitations of your account's space. Clients, prospects, and any internal role in the platform can have access. They can all share files. PDFs, pictures, movies, and other types of files are all acceptable. All users have access to the Files menu item by default, and they can upload files. The logged-in user's role determines which folders are visible and which actions are available. Additionally, you can decide who gets e-mail notifications when a contact uploads a file and which roles are restricted from sharing files.

Documents and eSigning

The document is viewable and signable digitally inside the portal rather than being printed. Documents can now be made with either the contact's signature or with both the document and a staff member's signature. It can be assigned to a contact directly during creation, or it can be applied to a statement, estimate, or project to generate the necessary data from those modules. Also, allow the user to sign the document without logging in, even before inviting a new prospect or customer into the portal. Develop your document style and share it or select one of the document templates.

Embeddable Forms

It offers different kinds of forms to collect information that will be used within the Portal. The Kickoff Form is for potential contacts who are not yet registered on the Portal. The client must complete the form to be added to the portal. Existing contacts may use it to update their information or initiate new assignments. A General Form is a simple, multipurpose form that does not save data to the database. It's intended for you to gather and view information. As a result, they can be utilized for almost anything. This type of form can be used both internally and externally. However, the results are stored on the platform for your convenience.

E-mail Campaigns & Drip Marketing

You can design, manage, and schedule newsletters, nurturing campaigns, or any other type of e-mail delivered to your contacts. An email campaign is a structured e-mail that you create and distribute to certain subscribers or clients on your portal. They can be delivered instantly or at a specific time. Drip Sequences are communications that are sent to a contact automatically after they join your audience. You can set up a sequence of emails to be sent out in a cycle. Drip Sequences aid in the automation of marketing campaigns and the management of one-on-one communication with recipients.

Learning Management System

This integration in SuiteDash is for delivering educational courses, training programs, modules, and other forms of learning content. Contacts and staff members can both use it. You can make a participant the owner of a product by granting it to them. The product may include one or more courses. Each course has a module or collection of modules. The participant can access those modules. You can choose whether to charge the users of your product or not, but participants can't buy products unless they are active.

Calendar Management

It helps you stay informed, organized, and manage your time better. This gives you an overview of your upcoming appointments, events, and tasks. You may also plan, reschedule, or cancel appointments. You can select multiple options for each filter to get the exact view you need to examine and oversee your projects, assignments, and teams.

Client Portals

A Portal Page is a page that may be established, filled with data and resources (pictures, relevant links, etc.), and allocated to contacts and/or staff members. Portal Pages can be used to distribute information and display announcements, movies, and charts, among other things. Portal Pages are accessible to any client who has been allocated to them, whether by role, circle, or individually. The Portal Page will appear the same to all clients, except that any Dynamic Data Placeholders utilized will generate unique, individualized information.

White Labeling and Branding Functionality

Completely personalize your platform from the Custom URL and Login Page to sophisticated custom CSS or JS. In Platform Branding, you can modify the logo or select the platform-preset themes. Then, make changes to your dashboard's general layout and registration page. Configure the email sending method via Default Sending Method, SMTP, Domain Verified Sending, Gmail/Google Workspace, or Microsoft, change the email logo and colors, and add connections to your brand's social network accounts in the footer area with Email Branding.


You can link actions together to build a fully automated sequence of commands. CRM, Projects, Billing, FLOWs, Forms, LMS, and Company Settings all have actions available right now. Actions are triggered commands that you can set to run in response to specific platform events (signing a contract, paying an invoice, etc.). They can be chained and are available in most parts of the program, making them an extremely effective and time-saving utility.

Software Integrations

  • WordPress Plugin
  • QuickBooks
  • Twilio
  • Zoom
  • Google reCAPTCHA v2 and hCaptcha
  • and more.

SuiteDash Support

Contact the customer support email address at helpdesk@suitedash.com. They have Help Documentation to start with your journey on the platform.

Visit their website at https://suitedash.com/.

Price Comparison

Flowlu Pricing

Flowlu Pricing Plan

SuiteDash Pricing

SuiteDash Pricing Plan

Vs Conclusion:

Vs SuiteDash

SuiteDash includes all of the most popular and useful features of the All-in-One Business program. It handles your user management, project management, and invoicing problems. It also includes several useful features, such as white label and security integrations, that can be utilized for a variety of other purposes. It comes with an online user program that helps you oversee all your users’ projects. It has a simple yet powerful user interface, and it can be used by both small and large businesses.

Vs Flowlu

It is excellent for project management and increasing productivity within a team. Its features are easy to use and offer a great visual interface. It makes it easy to keep track of progress and workflows. It is most convenient to administer your knowledge based on your corporate framework. We recommend Flowlu as the best option for any team that wants to improve their work management skills and boost their productivity.

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