What CANVA Do for You?

published on 27 February 2024

I bet you have heard about Canva! About the wonderful things it can do. Huh?! What was that? Not yet...you say? Are you sure? How can you not know about Canva?! 😲

Don't worry. ( Β΄ο½₯ο½₯)οΎ‰(. _. `) That is why we are here! To know more about Canva and what it can do.

Did you know that Canva has over 1 million users? Shocking right? But, it's to be expected based on its sensational features and Tools. Canva's life purpose is to simplify the process of creating stunning designs. From a simple flyer to complex presentations with ease.  

And can you believe that there are more than a thousand free fonts available to choose from within Canva? 🀯 You can even download and print them for free. It is a versatile marketing software that is user-friendly.

To put it technically. Canva is a web-based software program designed to enable anyone to create eye-catching images and text. Where anyone can share on their websites, blogs, and social networks. It does this by providing a simple drag-and-drop tool that allows you to edit photos and illustrations. As well as add text and other elements.

And I bet, you also heard some people who are skeptical of Canva's powers. Oh! You have not heard? πŸ˜‰ All I can say is that Canva's benefits outweigh all those skepticism.

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Canva Free and Canva Pro Comparison

The Distinction of Canva Free Vs Pro

Now that we are done with introductions. Let's get ready to rumble! πŸ›ŽοΈ Canva free πŸ€œπŸ†šπŸ€› Canva Pro!

  Canva Free. I mean obviously, you know what to expect since it has the "FREE" word. It comes with limitations. Nonetheless, this version is a good start to getting a feel of how Canva works. It is the best version to familiarize yourself with Canva's quirks. Let us now get into details with Canva Free.

The program has a drag-and-drop editor for effortless customizations. It has more than 250k+ templates, 100+ design types (social media posts, presentations, letters, posters), 1 million+ photos/graphics, and cloud storage of 5GB. Canva Free allows you to work alongside other people and invite them to create designs. In addition, it offers a huge selection of printable products available for customization and door-to-door delivery.

  While Canva Pro has access to premium content, premium features, premium fonts, premium images, and premium products. This means that you can have access to all the tools that you need to make high-quality graphics.

  Once subscribed to the Canva Pro premium plan there is no turning back. Mwahaha... 😈 But, seriously, you will have access to 100M premium stock photos, videos, audio, and graphics. It has unlimited features and can generate unlimited folders for specific projects. You can also resize designs through Magic Resize, get rid of image backgrounds, and even schedule social media content posts to 8 platforms via their Content Planner feature.

Moreover, you get unlimited storage space for your projects. You can choose from a variety of different templates to help you create your unique designs and templates with new designs daily. You can easily customize your template by adding your text and pictures. Add special effects to your photos, such as filters, frames, borders, and shadows.

Above all, it has up to 100 Brand Kits. Develop your brand's visual identity, including logos, colors, and fonts. And don't forget you have 24/7 customer support.

Accessible Ready-made Designs Within CANVA

What's not to like about Canva? πŸ€” When there are more than a hundred thousand ready designs at your disposal. Canva makes creating awesome designs for web pages easy. It may be used without any design expertise! You can make not only professional-looking websites in minutes using this tool but also materials for social media posts. Just upload photos, text, graphics, videos, links, logos, and more. Then select from the wide variety of layouts, fonts, colors, backgrounds, and other options.

These ready-made designs help stir up your creativity to make profound outputs that will stand out from your competitors.

CANVA Is Too Tempting Not to Share with Anyone

Canva helps you create amazing graphics, photos, designs, websites, etc. All of Canva's templates come with easy-to-follow instructions, but you can also customize them to make them unique.

If you're looking for an awesome free photo editing tool, then you'll love Canva. This program allows you to edit your photos and videos in a variety of ways. Whether it's adding text, changing the background color, or removing unwanted objects from the image, you can do all of these things with just one click.

You can even add effects to your photos. For example, you can change the brightness, contrast, or saturation. In addition to editing photos, you can also apply filters to your images. If you have an Instagram account, then you know how popular they are. Filters allow you to turn a boring picture into something beautiful and fun.

Canva is a great way to express yourself, your brand, your services, your company, and your website to look amazing without spending lots of money. What's not to share when you have astonishingly finished products?

It Is Built for Team Collaboration

Team effort outshines anything else when it comes to project making. Like the saying goes. Two heads are better than one.

Collaboration is essential in every field of business. And if you don't have the right tools to make sure that everyone can communicate effectively, you could end up wasting time, money, and resources. Canva has a collaboration functionality designed for any team size. The collaboration tool allows you to share designs to be edited or viewed only.

It's a great way to collaborate because you can easily communicate back and forth through its comment feature. And you can also invite other people to join your group. This means that anyone invited to the team can edit the project.

Awesome Templates for Positively Anything

This is probably the crowd's favorite. Canva has templates that are just amazeballs.

And remember when I mentioned Canva has thousands or more templates? Well, Canva takes it not a step forward but more like a LEAP forward. That is why it can be incorporated into anything. Whatever business you may have. Canva's got it covered.

In addition, these templates are easy to use, so you won't have to worry about spending hours trying to figure out how to put together an amazeballs presentation, videos, posts, etc.

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Core Features of Canva

Design Your Best Work with CANVA's Mind-blowing Features

Canvas is one of the most popular graphic design tools. It offers a wide range of easy-to-use features that will help you create stunning designs. You don't need to be an expert designer to get started using Canva. With just a few clicks, you'll start creating amazing graphics.

You can easily make beautiful images and videos by adding text to them. The editing options are extensive, and you can add any type of filter or effect to your pictures.

When you're ready to share your creations, you can upload them directly to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. If you want to print your photos, then you can choose from a variety of sizes and paper types.

This tool is perfect for anyone who wants to create unique, professional-looking designs without having to spend hours learning in the process.

A well-rounded software for intent:

  • Geared toward the entertainment and media platforms

     - Canva is well known for its use on social media platforms. Specifically for posts, Magazines, editorials, newsletters, and videos. Anything you can think of. A collection of beautiful designs that you can choose from that you know will gain the attention of your target market.
  • Graphic Designs that are made for Print

    - Canva lets an average joe easily create professional designs for printing, like flyers, postcards, posters, and more. Print design templates include everything you need to make great-looking products. And because every designer gets access to the same tools, everyone can work together efficiently. With the Canva license, there are no limits on how many people can use the software. This includes unlimited personal usage.
  • School & University Projects

    - Canva has now tapped into academic institutions which they call Canva for Education. It promotes collaborative learning for primary school students, secondary school students, and university students.

      Both students and teachers can readily make video projects, design school materials, etc. Canva can also be integrated with LMS which is a plus and hybrid learning.  
  • For Non-Profit Organizations

    - Canva for non-profits in Mind. As a nonprofit organization, you are aware of the significance and difficulties of getting the word out. It provides eye-catching designs to make sure viewers won't just glance at your Adverts.

Most Importantly: Marketing Elements Made Easy with Canva

Small and Big businesses alike are always looking for ways to keep their websites/adverts engaging and tantalizing to their target market(general audience). However, this isn't always easy. Canva allows you to quickly create graphics for your site and provides digital content.

  You can't deny that Canva is an all-in-one solution for Marketing. It offers marketing materials for creative teams β€” A Creative Team Like OBI Services. πŸ˜‰ You can also use the tool to design flyers, posters, and other promotional materials. You can even add text and edit colors. When you combine all these tools, you'll find that it makes marketing much easier than ever before.  


CANVA has now become a worldwide sensation that changed the meaning of no design experience and user-friendliness. It offers professional templates, professional videos, and Graphic elements. And let us not forget its mind-bending drag-and-drop design tools.

No more awkward color clashes with its brand kit which upholds branding consistency. It has a color filter, color palettes, and color scheme.

Canva caters to different institutions. This includes Marketing, Nonprofits, Academic institutions and Social Media. It adds quality content in a variety of ways for your business to expand.

Every feature and tool is made simply for easy navigation but at the same time provides compelling executions.


In conclusion. I hereby dub thee, CANVA, the greatest software to be released. πŸ‘‘ Canva has made creating beautiful images easy and affordable for everyone. With its intuitive tools and simple design, it's perfect for beginners who want to create their designs without having to worry about learning complicated software. With over a million users worldwide, It helps create stunning visuals without having to spend hours learning complicated software.

OBI Services can also cater to your needs. Whether you're designing posters for a school project or creating flyers for a local charity, Canva is a tool that's going to help express your creativity notably and memorably.

  Whether you want to design a logo, create a flyer, or share photos from your vacation, OBI Services can help turn your ideas into reality through CANVA. So whether you're looking to impress clients, promote your brand, or show off your creative side, We are the perfect team for you! Contact us today!

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