What is Lead Generation in 2022?

updated on 28 February 2024

2022 has been a crazy ride. Business owners and marketers worry that these times would negatively affect their companies. With fewer people going out, fewer people are within reach to generate leads. And we are still halfway through the year!

In this article, we'll run you thru what lead generation means. We aim to supply you with some of the lead generation tactics you will be able to put in place in 2022 and in the future.

Lead Generation Strategy

If you're in the Sales and Marketing field, or a company owner, you would have a glimpse of an idea on generating leads. In total, lead generation is the method of identifying potential customers. This can be done actively or passively.

Active Lead Generation = You are hunting for leads

Passive Lead Generation = You are being Hunted by leads

There are two popular tactics for lead generation:

Cold-calling and Email Marketing

But lead generation is not nearly just about that. It is a more complex process that needs a wide range of strategies to be effective. 

Lead Generation is important because it helps increase sales and get the correct leads.

Sales Leads are procured by collecting information and data. The data collected may be a result of:

- a purchaser signing up for the exchange of a discount

- or a student filling out a form to receive educational material

- or an individual answering a survey for research. 

- many more.

Target Audience

The most common way of selecting a Target Audience is to answer the question:

             "WHO needs my product/ service?" 

Or if you already got a Target Audience but you don't have a particular product/service for them:

              "WHAT do they need?"

It is imperative to possess a Target Audience before making a Marketing Strategy. Lead Generation becomes easier once you know who you wish your product's or service's audience would be.

 You can get your lead score from your Target Audience. Through:

- the information they provided

- the actions they've taken from email marketing

- audience's level of engagement with your brand

- or other items that you determine

You'll score someone higher if they frequently engage with you on social media or if their demographic information matches your audience

Email Marketing

Most marketers use email marketing as a key strategy for maintaining existing leads through the sales pipeline. Keeping track of email opens and click-through is easy for marketers. Because of this, they often adjoin this marketing strategy. 

Sending out emails with specific content and offers to specific contacts in the databases is what marketers do. The goal in doing so is the nurturing of existing leads, sparking up conversions, and generating sales in email marketing metrics.

Study shows that Email Marketing still remains popular and effective. 72% of the audience preferred email as their prior communication channel. This implies that it can function as a great lead generation strategy.

The biggest downside here is landing pages and your forms. Forms separate your leads from non-leads. They have a huge impact on your overall lead generation results. Optimizing your forms or employing tools is the best way to improve Email Marketing.

Survey Calling

Lead generation is getting people's details who may well be curious about your product. Then over time, you'll be able to convince them why you'd make their life easier and why they should pay you for your service or product.

Surveys and customer research tools have been proven to gain useful information. Using them on your audience, ask them:

- like what websites they visit

- if they found your website useful

- what quantity they're willing to spend, etc.

All of this information can then be used to optimize your website and sales process to higher serve potential customers.

Social Media

Social media has become the one place you can certainly generate leads. Especially now where most hangouts are virtually done. Almost everyone has their own social media account. Using these platforms makes it easy to guide your followers to take action. You can use the swipe-up option on Instagram stories or use Facebook's bio links. Promoting offers and a call-to-action has never been easy.

Own your social media channels. Consumers spend hours of their day on social media both active and passive. So go after your customers there. Whether they're looking for a helping hand or a fun quiz post engaging content on the regular. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Be there.

Outsource your Lead Generation 

Of course, doing all these by yourself is not easy and also time-consuming. Physical offices are also now limited to a number of employees. That's what OBI Services is here for.

OBI Services is one of the leading BPO service providers in lead generation. With a combined 20 years of experience in the field, and a proven quality team, you have nothing to worry about.  

We'll cater to all your Lead Generation needs.

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