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Been looking for the best Product Data Entry Company in the Philippines? Well, you've come to the right place. OBI Services offers Data Entry Services for any task in locating or correcting data entry errors, compiling, sorting and verifying the data accuracy, scraping large volumes of data from websites, and converting them into documents, excels, CSV, PDFs, or any type of file format.

Data entry is a tedious task that requires patience, attention to detail, and above all, good typing skills. The job can be done quickly if you have an assistant who will do the bulk of it while you focus on quality control. But if you want high-quality work with minimum mistakes, then you need to hire a professional data entry service provider.

OBI Services has been providing excellent Data Entry services and we are known as one of the most reliable and trusted companies in the industry.

Product eCommerce Data Entry Services
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    Data Entry Solutions by Industry


    OBI Services has solutions designed to help you process faster, operate more efficiently, and save money. Diving deep and truly understanding our clients is something we believe in. We can engineer solutions that match their goals for growth and improvement in every industry, thanks to this.

    It works to meet the needs of clients. The hard work of the team and the operation philosophy that is focused on creating happy customers keep the company going. OBI caters to a wide range of industries as a result of a global customer base with equal competence.

    As your partner, we also offer offline and online data entry services not just for small to medium-sized companies but also for larger corporations. Our product data entry specialists will deliver excellent results quickly and efficiently with cost-effective solutions.

    Product eCommerce Data Entry Services: Solutions by industry
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    Why Utilize Data Entry Outsourcing?


    Every day, the importance of data entry is growing. It's crucial that your business's information is kept safe and accurate. Even though it's important for a company's success, it's not easy. The repercussions for your business can be catastrophic if it's not correctly done. Your product entries are professionally and accurately handled when you hire an outsourcing company.

    Without wasting time or money, the outsourcing company can accurately do these tedious and time-consuming tasks. At OBI, we are proud to deliver exceptional results. Whether you have millions of records or tens of millions, we have professional services and support for you, with its accurate service in your company.

    Product eCommerce Data Entry Services: Utilize data entry outsourcing
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    Why Outsource Product Data Entry Service to OBI Services?


    We've helped businesses reduce data volume, halt data processing delays, increase customer satisfaction, achieve higher customer retention, and increase long-term revenues and growth. This is because OBI Services provides high-quality outsourcing services at an affordable price with a focus on quality at every stage and in every project section.

    We wanted to pass on the benefits of less operational cost, increased productivity, and process improvement to clients around the world. Better customer experiences, faster turnaround times, and ease of outsourcing are some of the things businesses that outsource to our experience.

    Outsource product data entry service to OBI Services
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    Do we support E-Commerce Product Data Entry: Amazon, Shopify, etc.?


    Yes, we do. We also have support for business owners online business on their e-commerce platforms such as Amazon , Shopify , WooCommerce , etc. We provide online product data management (editing, updating, creating), product image data entry services, scraping reviews, and manual data entry of product details or descriptions from online stores.

    Cross-selling and Up-selling Product Data Entry

    We categorize products so that other related items are displayed to the customer while they are purchasing one product. This may lead to customers purchasing more products than they intended. We can assist you in strategically designing and entering the necessary product information in such a way that customers will upgrade resulting in them purchasing a more expensive and sophisticated product, thereby boosting your profits.

    OBI Services also provides other services for Google Sheets and Docs, financial and accounting, insurance, file conversion, catalog data entry services, etc. We also offer an accurate data conversion service if you need your data to be converted to any digital format. With our data conversion service, you can increase customer satisfaction or leverage expertise for your business growth.

    OBI Services eCommerce Data Entry

Choose your Price Plan

 We have one of the most affordable prices for our Product Data Entry Service. 

  • Data Entry Monthly Setup


    The total service fee paid by our client for using the data entry service within a calendar month. If the client has paid service fees for multiple months in a lump sum, the Monthly Service Fee will be calculated by dividing the service fees by the number of months the client paid for.

  • Data Entry Pay Per Task (PPT)

    /per task

    Any data entry job or assignment (minimum of $500) that can be completed in a short amount of time. The tasks that can be completed vary in nature as does the pay. Tasks can be done at any time. Pays vary in every micro-jobs our data entry support may accomplish in a period of time.

Our Data Entry Services

OBI Services is dedicated to quality in every offer and provides a dedicated team, as well as scalable teams, up and down. Being an experienced data entry service provider, we offer services like: 

We Are Unstoppable!

  • Fast and accurate
    Fast and Accurate

     Our Product Data Entry specialists are well trained and highly experienced to provide fast and accurate solutions for clients around the world. You can build an outsourcing team in the Philippines with our thousands of employees even if you only require one role or level of specialization. 

  • Quality work and rates
    Quality Work and Rates

     As a well-known Data Entry company, OBI Services strives to keep the quality of work and rates. This was realized by hundreds of our clients through outsourcing the perfect task to our company. We believe in constantly and consistently setting industry standards for Growth and Competitiveness. 

  • Growth and competitiveness
    Growth and Competitiveness

     A better business decision is made with accurate data. Data entry is much more than one task, it includes a lot of tasks performed in different business operations. Business growth and competitiveness can be achieved using our accurate data management for better business relationships. We understand that being a successful business owner means having a reliable business partner who supports you all the way. That’s why we always try to deliver the best support and services to our clients. 

  • Satisfied customers
    Satisfied Customers

     Our knowledge, skills, and resources can make you more hopeful for the future of sales, more satisfied customers, a larger market, and generally improved performance. The quality measures that monitor our data entry process for this purpose are the strictest of their kind. Having experience in a wide range of services on a daily basis, we can address any type of data entry requirements. 

  • Advanced tools and technology
    Advanced Tools and Technology

     We accurately analyze business requirements and streamline data management platforms of clients, creating long-term values. More time is given to take care of your business since we'll handle all data management tasks needed for your business. We offer competent document and data management solutions through advanced tools and technology while transferring files safely to and from their clients' servers. 

  • Proven team of experts
    Proven Team of Experts

     Our thoroughly selected team of specialists has the data entry experience to manage industry-specific data management needs and we pride ourselves on working closely and willing to go the extra mile with clients to guarantee their unique needs are met. Completely assure that their data entry operator has the suitable resources like highly-skilled professionals and modern technology to handle the volume of work. 

  • Wide range of clients
    Wide Range of Clients

     From our location in Dipolog City, Philippines, we cater to a wide range of clients, from startups and small companies to medium and large enterprises all around the globe. We serve you to - connect execution loops with data delivery and identify patterns and paradigm shifts. Leverage the latest analytics tools to make impactful strategic decisions. 

  • Provides quality services
    Provides Quality Services

     OBI Services Data Entry professionals are skilled at their jobs since they're trained for it. Once you have the data, you can use that as a reference while choosing Data Entry specialists. Ensuring that your data entry officers are actively working during work hours. We have years of experience in managing data entry projects. We have competent talent to manage your data entry project. 

  • Secure and confidential
    Secure and Confidential

     We ensure your data's confidentiality and confidentiality using advanced technology and strong security measures. Performing quality checks and reviewing data by validating the accuracy of the information, detecting errors or deficiencies, correcting any incompatibilities if possible, and checking output. 

  • Dedicated team
    Dedicated Team

     Our data entry delivery centers in the Philippines have the necessary infrastructure to provide a quality service for global clients. Our experienced, dedicated team of college-educated, English-speaking Filipinos are enthusiastic to work for you and elevate your bottom line. The unique service rate of an outsourcing company, the number of seats, and the business model are not included. 

  • Affordable data entry services
    Affordable Data Entry Services

     The company provides affordable rates for data entry services also in areas such as Amazon, eBay, WooCommerce, Shopify, sales, real estate, insurance, and other similar services at competitive prices. We focus on emerging market trends and provide actionable insights to help businesses identify opportunities and develop effective strategies. 

  • Cost effective data entry
    Cost Effective Data Entry

     Affordable & Flexible. We have invested in the best people and robust processes and technology to deliver the most accurate, reliable, sustainable workforce solutions, and processing solutions for any company at cost-effective prices. 

Credible Reviews

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    Best Customer Experience

     We help our clients release the power of their customer experience which is a fancy way of saying we build experiences that have customers loving our clients. We innovate steadily with a purpose-driven mechanism to improve the customer relationships so our clients, their customers, and their brands all profit. Offshoring your data entry services to us allows you to concentrate on your core business operations. 

    Product eCommerce Data Entry Services: Best customer experience
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    Forefront of Innovation

     With our company's focus on training and skill development, our data entry service team stays at the forefront of innovation, while our quality assurance team ensures high accuracy for every job. Another significant benefit of outsourcing is that you can hire an offshore data entry service and enjoy additional cost savings. Not only will you need to provide them with a complete salary and benefits package, but laws and taxes also govern the hiring of in-house staff. 

    Product eCommerce Data Entry Services: Forefront of innovation
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    Quick Turnaround Time

     Time is certainly a crucial component when it comes to data entry, as companies with huge volumes of data entry wish their data to be precisely recorded and structured within a faster turnaround time. We have a firm devotion to quality, when it comes to it, we guarantee that we provide our customers with quality data entry services ahead of their deadline. 

    Product eCommerce Data Entry Services: Customer response time
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    Excellent Service

     As an excellent data entry service provider, OBI Services puts up with its name by putting up with your needs. We help our customers reduce labor costs, scale faster, find specialist skills and enhance functional efficiencies by outsourcing product data entry tasks and services. Retaining an in-house team will add up to your overhead costs without adding value to your business. Outsourcing, also called Offshoring involves contracting an external provider to perform a business function or service that was typically prior performed in-house. 

    Product eCommerce Data Entry Services: Excellent service
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    Effective Strategy

    Look for a track record in your industry to ensure you won't get cheated. Our Quality Assurance performs a quality check to ensure the accuracy of client data. OBI's excellence in the field enables us to make a thorough analysis of your business needs and current processes, enabling us to understand how to work with your data and formulate an effective strategy on how to tackle it. This becomes especially vital when that data is going to be shared with an external entity like outsourcing centers. With additional resources of advanced training and technology, you can be certain our agents get the job done faster than other in-house agents would. 

    Product eCommerce Data Entry Services: Quality Assurance

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