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Have you been looking for the best Data Entry Company in the Philippines? Well, you've come to the right place.

Data entry is tedious and requires patience, attention to detail, and good typing skills. You need to outsource a professional data entry service provider if you want high-quality work with minimum mistakes.

OBI Services has been providing excellent Data Entry Services, and we are known as one of the most reliable and trusted companies in the industry. 

Obi services data entry service
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    Data Entry Solutions by Industry

    OBI Services has solutions to help you process faster, operate more efficiently, and save money. Diving deep and truly understanding our clients is something we believe in.

    The hard work of the team and the operation philosophy focused on creating happy customers and keeping the company going. OBI Services caters to a wide range of industries due to a global customer base with equal competence.

    As your partner, we also offer offline and online data entry services for small to medium-sized companies and larger corporations. Our data entry specialists will deliver excellent results quickly and efficiently with cost-effective solutions

    Product eCommerce Data Entry Services: Solutions by industry
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    Why Utilize Data Entry Outsourcing?

    Every day, the importance of data entry is growing. Your business's information must be kept safe and accurate. Even though it's essential for a company's success, it takes work. The repercussions for your business can be catastrophic if not done correctly.

    Without wasting time or money, OBI Services will accurately do these tedious and time-consuming tasks. We are proud to deliver exceptional results. Whether you have thousands of records, we have professional services and support, with accurate service in your company.

    Product eCommerce Data Entry Services: Utilize data entry outsourcing
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    Why Outsource Product Data Entry Service to OBI Services?

    We've helped businesses reduce data volume, halt data processing delays, increase customer satisfaction, and increase long-term revenues and growth. OBI Services provides high-quality outsourcing services at an affordable price, focusing on quality at every stage of every project.

    We wanted to pass on the benefits of less operational cost, increased productivity, and process improvement to clients worldwide. Better customer experiences, faster turnaround times, and ease of outsourcing are some of the things businesses that outsource to our experience.

    Outsource product data entry service to OBI Services
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    Do we support E-Commerce Product Data Entry: Amazon, Shopify, etc.?

    Yes, we do. We also support online businesses on their e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. We provide:

    • Online product data management (editing, updating, creating).
    • Image data entry services.
    • Scraping reviews.
    • Manual entry of product details or descriptions from online stores.

    Cross-selling and Up-selling Product Data Entry

    We categorize products so that other related items are displayed to the customer while purchasing one product. And may lead to customers purchasing more products than they intended.

    We can assist you in strategically designing and entering the necessary product information so that customers will upgrade, buying a more expensive and sophisticated product, thereby boosting your profits

    OBI Services eCommerce Data Entry

Completing objectives cost-effectively.
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Choose Your Plan

 We offer competitive rates for Data Entry services, ensuring that you receive excellent value for your investment. 

  • Data Entry Monthly Setup

    Our most cost-efficient plan. The Equivalent Hourly Rate varies based on the number of working days per month.
    per month
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      Complete Data Entry including product updates, research, and organization.
    • ✓
      Shared floor supervisor for operational support and attendance management.
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      Full access to data entry software and tools via our OBI Client Portal.
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      Premium Exclusive and Dedicated Supervisor for teams of 10+ data entry agents.support
  • Data Entry Pay Per Task (PPT)

    Any data entry job or assignment (minimum of $1000) that can be completed in a short amount of time.
    per task.
    • ✓
      Complete Data Entry including product updates, research, and organization.
    • ✓
      Full access to data entry software and tools via our OBI Client Portal.
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      Tasks completed can vary in nature, as does the pay. Tasks can be done at any time. Pays vary in every micro-job our data entry support may accomplish in a period of time.

Our Data Entry Services

OBI Services is dedicated to quality in every offer and provides a dedicated and scalable team up and down. Being an experienced data entry service provider, we offer services like: 

Find order in the business chaos,
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We Are Unstoppable!

Our data entry specialists are well-trained and highly experienced to provide fast and accurate solutions for clients worldwide. We believe in constantly and consistently setting industry standards for Growth and Competitiveness. 

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    Best Customer Experience

    We help our clients release the power of their customer experience, which is a fancy way of saying we build experiences with customers loving our clients. We innovate steadily with a purpose-driven mechanism to improve customer relationships so our clients, their customers, and their brands all profit. Outsourcing your data entry services to us allows you to concentrate on your core business operations. 

    Product eCommerce Data Entry Services: Best customer experience
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    Forefront of Innovation

    Our company focuses on training and skill development, so our data entry service team stays at the forefront of innovation. In contrast, our quality assurance team ensures high accuracy for every job. Another significant benefit of outsourcing is that you can enjoy additional cost savings. 

    Product eCommerce Data Entry Services: Forefront of innovation
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    Quick Turnaround Time

    Time is crucial for data entry, as companies with vast volumes of information wish their data to be precisely recorded and structured within a faster turnaround time. We have a firm devotion to quality, and when it comes to it, we guarantee that we provide our customers with quality data entry services ahead of their deadlines.

    Product eCommerce Data Entry Services: Customer response time
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    Excellent Service

    As an excellent data entry service provider, OBI Services puts up with its name by meeting your needs. We help our customers reduce labor costs, scale faster, find specialist skills and enhance functional efficiencies. 

    Product eCommerce Data Entry Services: Excellent service
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    Effective Strategy

    Look for a track record in your industry to ensure you won't get cheated. Our Quality Assurance performs a quality check to ensure the accuracy of client data. Our excellence in the field enables us to analyze your business needs and current processes thoroughly. It allows us to understand how to work with your data and formulate an effective strategy to tackle it. 

    Product eCommerce Data Entry Services: Quality Assurance

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