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We provide a wide range of services including web design, web hosting, eCommerce solutions, content creation, webhook and automation, and much more. Our clients include both local businesses and international companies.  

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Team VA

OBI Services Virtual Team are dedicated and skilled virtual assistants to cater all your IT and administrative tasks. From Data Entry to Cold Calling, we work closely together, leveraging each other's strengths and supporting each other's weaknesses, to deliver outstanding results for our clients. If you're looking for a team that's committed to excellence and delivering results, look no further than OBI Services Team VA. 

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Data Entry

With affordable data entry services, our team will do the hard digging of researching, filing, processing solutions, transcriptions, and organizing the data you need with a robust process, speed, and accuracy. We've assisted companies from different industries such as real estate, health care, insurance, etc. in reducing data volume, eliminating processing delays, and increasing long-term revenues and growth to achieve their business goals. 

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Virtual Assistant

Your Virtual Assistant with great skills in the English language is gonna be your business partner. They will help you with customer service solutions, legal advice, administrative tasks, healthcare, financial management, real estate, marketing, professional services, and other business-related categories. Outsource your employee with Virtual Assistants and have them organize, manage, and keep track of your clients/projects. 

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Outbound Lead Generation

Use Cold Calling Services to filter your raw data of leads by having them answer a survey call. OBI Services will serve you by delivering the most efficient means of attracting new prospects and converting them into clients that make a direct impact on your business. We invest time and resources in learning and understanding your business operation or process, analysis or logic, model, function, products, or service to provide you with a one-of-a-kind business solution. 

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Appointment Setter

We will provide support to local or foreign companies' sales workforce to contact their prospective client and schedule appointments for them to speak with a salesperson. Outsource the Appointment Setting to save your time, money, labor costs, and staff management so you can focus on your business's core values. 

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Have our Telemarketing Team do the outbound calls for you. Just send us your list and script, and we will handle the rest. Our team will be the ones to perform the tasks to gain and keep happy customers and improve your sales and customer experience. 

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Technical Support

OBI Services offer troubleshooting, maintenance, and setup on software provided so you can have the ease of mind to have an efficient operation. To keep up with the fastest-growing companies locally and internationally, our skilled workforce goes on the extra mile and specializes in working with popular computer programs and advanced technology in Information Technology and software development. 

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SuiteDash Support

More than just Client Portal Software, SuiteDash is a fully integrated cloud-based platform that will completely satisfy the software needs of most small to medium-sized companies. Our team will handle the setup and maintenance of your SuiteDash Accounts. Hire a dedicated SuiteDash staff for your startup industry that will cater to everything SuiteDash-related tasks. 

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Shopify Data Entry

Our team provides efficient and affordable Shopify data entry services. We handle product listing, categorization, SKU management, and more, ensuring your Shopify store is well-organized and up-to-date. Outsource your Shopify data entry tasks to us and focus on your core business operations.

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SaaS Product Support

Our team of professionals provides support for your software, including setup, maintenance, data entry processing solutions, or website design or building. OBI Team can also take care of the animation, image, and video editing and processing using supported software. Our dedicated team works closely with other leading software companies from local and foreign companies in order to give you the best and most advanced and innovative technology in the market. 

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We also provide Data Management Services, including:

  • Data Cleansing

    Our team will do the tedious task of checking and managing your data from wrong input, misplaced files, or more. Cleaning or cleansing your data will create clear and high-quality strategic decision-making for your business strategy. 

  • Data Mining

    Let us have the tedious tasks of checking for errors and mistakes in your data to avoid/resolve issues. Our team can reveal hidden patterns and relationships in data that can be used to make predictions that will impact companies. 

  • Data Collection

    We will do the gathering of all the data you need and deliver it to you in an organized and systematic way. Our team of experts does the data collection accurately with verified data resources and effective tools for the right decision-making. 

  • Data Analytics

    Our team will examine your data sets to find trends and draw conclusions about the information they contain. Analyzing the data will help your business get deeper insights that can be used to improve or optimize your business architecture or management. 

  • Data Visualization

    Presenting data or information in a graph, chart, or other visual formats. Your data relays much better when communicated through images. We will map out a robust process of your data to deliver a quick and effective way of communicating for your business. 

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What People Say

  • "We started working together about six months ago when we were struggling to find a developer who was willing to work with us on a regular basis but for small repetitive tasks. And they initially helped us with some routine on-page SEO work and some minor tweaks on our websites and then over time, they started helping us with some automation setups. So I've been really really happy with that so it's the kind of work we usually do. All the tasks that you would not usually be able to hand out to your regular VAs or your team members because they require a little bit more technical know-how. So the OBI team would be perfect for that. Just send them a detailed brief of what you want and they'll take care of you. "

    Duy Nguyen, Nightingale
  • "I'm a videographer who launched a side business doing digital marketing which includes stuff like landing pages and some marketing automation. I have been using OBI Services for about the past year to assist with some basic support and tasks. I'm a solopreneur with no team so I don't always have time to do support and some of the setup work. I still try to do most of the support myself but it's nice to have a backup team that I can rely on when I'm out like on a video shoot or something like that and I don't have time to reply or maybe some very basic questions for WordPress or something that I don't want to answer. Anyway, it's like having a support team of my own without having to build and train one myself. As a solopreneur, that’s pretty amazing, otherwise, I won’t be able to have a team like that myself. "

    Wilson, dryTalk Media
  • "I have been working with the guys from Orange Bamboo for quite a while now and honestly, I'm really happy with them. They increase my business profit and I feel like we work as a team. Very committed and rely on so I will go for it if I have to do it again. "

    Matt N., 720 Degrees
  • "We love OBI Services. I found them when we need help in integrating automation and flows within SuiteDash. And this CRM platform is so robust, we're excited to be rolling it out in the New Year and they have been instrumental in helping us bring it to life. Just recently found out that they also offer help with WordPress and some other fun technology software that we need support with. And excited about a growing relationship with them. Kristine has been phenomenal to work with. I couldn't be happier with the communication and the way that they handle us not only as clients but I feel like they're friends so definitely give them a try. "

    Dusty J., Quality Audio Video
  • "I have an agency called Action Advertising Agency. When we were trying to find a good vendor that can help us build our SuiteDash portal, it was very hard in the very beginning because SuiteDash is an incredibly confusing tool and we wanted to have someone who can customize the design. Something that exactly fits as an extension of our brand and all the different things that we wanted to do. Including custom coding so that our portal looks just right for our clients who need to be able to easily use it and such. And so when we were trying to find different companies that can help us carry out our vision. We fell upon OBI Services as one of the approved partners of SuiteDash. And from the very beginning, their team has been extremely communicative. They've been a pleasure to work with, the pricing is absolutely fair and I highly recommend working with OBI Services. We're going to be doing more stuff with them in the future even outside of the stuff with SuiteDash because of how great our experience has been so far with OBI services. So if you're on the fence, highly recommends that you chat with them and also help them. Hire them to carry out any sort of projects that you may need that fall under their scope because they got their stuff together. They're a great team and you won't regret working with them. Thanks. "

    Casey, Action Advertising Agency

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