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Keep in mind that maintaining in-house support involves several factors like hiring, training, and compensation. Not to mention, practical training can take up to a year and must also consider other expenses.

OBI services affordable lead generation services
  • Outsource to philippines with obi services outbound lead generation!
  • Outsource to Philippines with OBI Services Outbound Lead Generation!

    You no longer have to spend your day doing cold calls and prospecting. Outsourcing lead generation has made this possible in this day and age. 

    You can instantly reach the ideal prospects at the perfect moment. As a result, increasing the chance of turning visitors into consumers with the right message and sales process.

    We will bring your business to the next level. We offer a complete business-to-business solution that provides sales and telemarketing support worldwide.  

  • Your go-to Lead Generation Outsourcing Solution from the Philippines

    Outbound lead generation reaches a wide range of people, resulting in more sales opportunities in a shorter time. In addition, it allows you to choose which to target and keeps you one step ahead of your competition.

    Also, it gives you more knowledge about your target market's needs and wants.

    Refrain from risking your sales pipeline with low-quality leads from your sales funnel.

  • Your go to lead generation outsourcing solution from the philippines

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How does OBI Services Outbound Lead Generation Work?

As one of the leading providers of outbound lead generation in the Philippines. Our skilled team uses a combination of advanced technology and proven sales techniques to generate highly qualified leads for our clients. 

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    Planning & Strategy Development

    Our process begins with an initial consultation. We will discuss your goals and objectives, target market, budget, and other relevant information. We then develop a customized telemarketing strategy to reach your target audience. 

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    Once the strategy is in place, our team begins executing it. First, we use various tools and techniques to identify potential customers. Then contact them with personalized messages tailored to their needs.

    Finally, our experienced sales professionals follow up with each lead until they are qualified as potential customers.

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    Tracking & Results

    Throughout the process, we provide regular updates and reports to our clients so they can track progress and measure results. We also offer ongoing support and advice to ensure our clients get the most out of their lead-generation efforts. 

 At OBI Services, we understand that every business is unique, so we take a personalized approach to each project. Our team works closely with our clients to ensure their efforts are successful and cost-effective. With our help, you can generate more leads and increase your sales. 

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Utilize Outbound Lead Generation Outsourcing to its fullest Potential

While outbound expert agents concentrate on lead generation, appointment setting, and cold calling, your in-house sales team can focus on converting high-quality leads, especially closing more deals. 

  • Brand Awareness

    Your product or service's qualities and advantages will be explained to and educated upon by your target market. Also, how it may address their problems through our sales experts. 

  • Generate Qualified Leads

    Outsourcing lead generation service will help you get qualified leads from your target market that are more likely to become customers. 

  • Saves You Money Outsourcing

    Outsourcing is cost-effective because you don't need to build a team. You can get high-quality leads at a meager cost. 

  • Saves You Time

    Outsourcing lead generation experts will find new customers for you. As a result, you won't have to spend much time looking for potential customers. Instead, you and your team can concentrate on creating more business opportunities. 

  • Track and Analyze the Data

    Outsourced sales lead gen agents provide you with data gathered from your target market. At the same time, analyze their interests and demographics. You will then utilize this data to develop a list of potential customers for your business. 

We have sales experts that will help you market your business better. Our expert sales agents will make the calls from your contact list. Then filter out potential clients who may buy or avail of your product.

You can have a full-service sales team with OBI. After all, sales marketing aims to generate leads and convert them into customers. Also, we believe in delivering outstanding value and building strong relationships.

Lead Generation Monthly

We have one of the most competitive prices for our Outbound Lead Generation Service. 

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    Lead Generation Monthly


    The more revenue a company has, the more leads they generate. The differences are most drastic at the highest and lowest end of the spectrum. According to research, previously; the companies having the most success are also the ones generating the most leads.

Sets of Industries

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Why Choose OBI Services?

Our team has assisted several businesses worldwide. As a distinguished data entry, telemarketing, outbound lead generation, and other outsourcing service provider, we ensure a reliable and accurate solutions.
Why Choose OBI Services Outbound Lead Generation

A Combined 20 Years of Experience

With a combined 20 years of experience in this field, we assure you that our team will only give nothing but the best in all our business solutions.
A Combined 20 Years of Experience OBI Services Outbound Lead Generation


Data are carefully evaluated based on your requirements and undergo a control check before sending.
OBI Services Outbound Lead Generation quality


The final output is delivered within the specified timeline.
OBI Services Outbound Lead Generation availability


You tell us your requested task and we will work on ways that can accommodate them. You can change tasks and plans anytime and we ensure to cater to them all.
OBI Services Outbound Lead Generation flexibility


Flexibility is also about volume. Do you only need 1 staff or 100? No worries, rest assured we can cater to all your needs.
OBI Services Outbound Lead Generation reliability


You can be at ease with our Customer Support.
OBI Services Outbound Lead Generation support


Each task is priced by the amount of time and difficulty it requires.
OBI Services Outbound Lead Generation is worth it

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