How to Email Prospects Engaged with Sendinblue Campaigns

updated on 02 July 2024

E-mail marketing is a cost-effective way of promoting your products and services. It has become a staple of any digital marketing strategy. Sending regular emails gives your potential customers a chance to keep up to date with news on your business and stay informed. It also makes it easier for them to remember you in case they ever want to buy something.

For email marketing, it is not a question of how you get started but how you can keep the contacts engaged. What should you include in your follow-up e-mail? And how do you track whether or not your emails are working?

To ensure that you’re engaging with prospects in a way that’s going to keep them interested, it can be useful to learn how to use Email Automation from Sendinblue. When you create an automated email marketing campaign, you can automate the entire process. With all that said, you can't deny the benefits of email marketing.

It is essential to decide what kind of follow-up e-mail will be sent when the customer performs the trigger. This can include anything from a general update, a promotional email, a holiday greeting, transactional emails, and confirmation emails. This is to make sure that your message workflow is in context.

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Before we get started on Automation Workflows

Just a heads up. Make sure you have your email template ready because we will be using it as we go on with the steps. Or you can create your Email template. 

Choose the Marketing Activity workflow

To start. We will need to go to "Automation". Then Click on "Create a workflow". A new page will show where you will see different types of workflow.

Creating workflow under Automation

Within this page, you will see different workflow templates to choose from Abandoned Cart, Product Purchase, Welcome Message, Marketing Activity, and Anniversary Date.

For this walkthrough. We will select Marketing Activity. A marketing activity workflow will show. Then Click "Create".

Creating marketing activity workflow

When the receiver engages with your email

This part is crucial. You will select the trigger for the automation. "Opened" This is when the receiver simply opened the email campaign. "Clicked" This is when the receiver opened the email and clicked the link within.

If you have picked Opened, you need to choose the email campaign you wish to monitor.

If you have picked Clicked, you need to choose the email campaign and the link/s you wish to monitor.

Then click next.

Trigger for the Automation

Choose the email you want to send to your receivers

This is the part where you choose the email you want to send to your receivers when they perform the trigger.

If you want a copy each time recipients get the welcome email select I want to send a hidden copy of this email. There are two ways to send a hidden copy of an email: recipients with a specific contact characteristic or a list of recipients separated by commas.

I want to choose when to send this email: Choose a specific time frame - You can choose what time the email will be sent. Of course, it will be best to choose the perfect time period when recipients are most likely to open and read them.

If you wish to add a set of values generated from a previous phase or the workflow's entry point to your email, choose to Use my event data to customize the email. If you used a placeholder in your email template for the contact's name, the customer details will be used in their place when the email is sent.

Custom Time Frame for your Email

You can modify the workflow and include as many additional conditions as you want. With this, an interval between the entry point and email transmission, conversion following a purchase, etc. will be made.

Its time to activate the workflow template you have made

Now that we are done with the critical setup. It is time to  "Activate the workflow". When you click the activate workflow an "Active status" will show. You can also deactivate it at any time.

Activate the workflow template

Do a trial run

Don't forget to do a trial run. It is best to test it out first to make sure that it works to your liking.

To test it out, we will click on the flask icon. A pop-up window will show. You will need to enter the email address you want the sample email to be delivered. Don't forget the "Skip "wait for" steps" checked.

Click on "Done" and after a few minutes, you will receive the sample email.

Testing your email automation

Now that you are done with the test run, you are now good to go!


Email marketing is undeniably the easiest way to reach people around the world. And together with the power of email automation software, it does not only make email marketers' lives easier but also small businesses that only rely on cost-effective email marketing platforms.

Sendinblue's automated email workflows aid in making sure that your prospects and customers are engaged. It is also important to be particular in selecting the trigger action. Not to mention the time your email templates will be delivered because there is a certain time and day when people open their inboxes to check emails.

It is also important to provide value to people. So, to send emails when prospects engage, you have to offer something valuable. That could mean offering gift coupons, birthday email discounts, and season greeting email discounts. This makes up a perfect marketing workflow.

With this walkthrough, you will be able to create custom workflows by yourself. Create marketing emails that suit your business without a hitch.


Sendinblue automation is a great way to help boost your conversion rate dynamically. And it is an efficient way to reach old and new prospects. Super easy to use and affordable.  

Automating your marketing activity helps you tremendously be it by saving time or doubling productivity. It lessens your workload by doing the heavy lifting when it comes to sending the follow-up e-mail on your email campaign. Sendinblue even raises your customer relationship because of its responsive email templates.

  But if you are still experiencing challenges creating email custom workflows, OBI Services can assist you! Using the Sendinblue automation email marketing tool we can create basic workflow marketing automation or perfect marketing workflows.

OBI Services provides email marketing services that can help build trust, credibility, and authority in your brand. We also make sure to take into consideration your customer experience.

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Need help in setting up your first email campaign?

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