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updated on 28 February 2024

Managing an online business, especially a huge multi-dollar company can be quite draining. It is virtually impossible for business owners to single-handedly handle all the management tasks. Well, it should be possible but you would have to spend all your precious time doing it. 

Doing something over and over again with the same end result is the definition of insanity. And it seems hiring a full HR staff team seems to be the only solution back in the day. 

With this in mind, all-in-one business management solutions like Pabbly were created.

Managing a business usually requires a lot of different software for every step of the marketing process. From the form builder to the billing subscription, every step needs different software. 

  For example, MailChimp can be used for email marketing and Chargebee for billing software. For a form builder, you can use Formstack. Tapfiliate is for the affiliate module, ZeroBounce for email verification. And Zapier as the integration software.

But what if there is a way to use all these without needing to buy each corresponding marketing software? Imagine if you could create and verify leads, send bulk emails, and do billing subscriptions in one management platform.

Imagine if you have a marketing strategy platform that has everything you need in order to run your business. Well, luckily there is!

What is Pabbly

Pabbly is a sales and marketing management software. It is famous for its minimalist design and user-friendly features.

Pabbly was co-founded by Pankaj and Neeraj Agarwal. It has a parent company called Magnet Brains. The company started with only three members and grew to more than a hundred staff. They currently have 27,000 plus active customers.  

Pabbly is an all-in-one management platform that caters to every business's needs. From generating leads to sending bulk emails it got everything you need.

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Core Features of Pabbly

What are the Core Features of Pabbly

Pabbly is an incredibly comprehensive platform. You don't have to use ten different software to do ten different tasks. 

Pabbly has easy-to-learn core components that are everything you will need to run a business.

1. Email Marketing

Pabbly Email Marketing lets you create emails, add subscribers and connect to SMTP. This feature has a beautiful minimalist design and a drag-and-drop method that lets you set up email templates in seconds. You can send automatic emails, subscription forms, or send practically any kind of email to your audience.  

2. Builder Form

  The Pabbly form builder can help you create and design leads for the platform. Create forms in seconds with an easy drag-and-drop feature. Once the form is generated you can share that form's link with your audiences to generate as many leads as you want. This way you can easily create contact forms to send to potential clients in a matter of seconds.

3. Subscription Billing

Pabbly Subscription Billing software lets you create product pages for your brands in a matter of seconds. This is helpful especially if you decided to start collecting payments. You can then share the link with your potential customers to let them purchase your products in a matter of minutes. You may need to activate a live payment gateway like Stripe, PayPal, etc. to save payment details. Pabbly supports more than 35 payment gateways which are convenient for customers.

4. Email Verification

  It also has an email verification module that helps you verify leads that are coming into the platform. Cleaning your email is very important. This feature removes emails with Bad Syntax, Duplicates, Bad Domains, Invalid Emails, Spam traps, and MX Route Fail. Through this, you can avoid bad emails and other kinds of problems that might cause bounces in your email lists.  

5. Pabbly Connect

  Lastly, it has Pabbly Connect which is inarguably the best feature of the Pabbly platform. Pabbly Connect is an automation tool that lets you bind all the applications together. Pabbly Connect was created to help users integrate and automate all the software in their business.  

With Pabbly Connect you can easily send data from one software to another. This automation software currently can integrate 800 plus software which is amazing.

Pabbly Connect works based on "trigger events" and "do-actions" formulas. This means that if "something happens" in one software, a corresponding action "will activate" in another software.

This automation software process is not limited to one-on-one software automation. It also does multi-step integration because a single trigger event can activate multiple actions.

  A good scenario is when a customer buys $500 worth of products. The customer is added to the premium customer list and an email subscription for a premium member card is sent at the same time. The customer details will then be added to Google Sheets.

With this feature, repetitive manual tasks can be automated. Different software can also be integrated into one another. This automation workflow is what Pabbly is known for. Even I thought previously that Pabbly and Pabbly Connect are the same.

  A video tutorial on Pabbly Connect can be found on the main Pabbly website or you can click the link here Pabbly Connect Tutorial.  

Pabbly Connect Pricing

Pabbly Pricing

Pabbly lets you use all the features on just a single subscription plan. This is different from other software subscriptions that hide premium features behind a paywall.

The only distinctions between the various pricing plans are the capacities. For example, a Standard Plan has 24,000 tasks per month going up to 3,200,000 tasks per month with their Tier 8 Ultimate Plan month plan.

Pabbly also offers huge discounts if you avail of their yearly plans. The maximum discount reaches a staggering 50% with their 3-year plan.

Also, be sure not to miss out on the limited-time offer. Pabbly offers limited offers from time to time. So be sure to check their website for some sweet promos and lifetime deals.

Pabbly usually uses monthly plans for its pricing arrangement in addition to its lifetime access promo. Pabbly will gladly accept requirements from clients by sending them to the email address if a custom plan is what you're looking for. This enables Pabbly to adapt the pricing plans to specific client business requirements.

Furthermore, if ever there's some reason that you won't be able to continue using this amazing product. You will be glad to know that there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. It is a win-win situation.

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Why Pabbly is Better?

To summarize, the most amazing feature of Pabbly in my honest opinion is the Pabbly Connect feature. This key feature is the reason why Pabbly is the best automation platform hands down. This helps reduce manual efforts by automating repetitive tasks. This in turn frees your time to do other important management roles.

Also, Pabbly Connect's internal tasks like Delay Step, Filter, Path Routers, Field Mappings, Email Parser, etc. are 100% free and are not included with the monthly task limit.

And that's not all! Pabbly Connect has a team member feature. This feature lets you add as many team members as you want to your Pabbly Connect account for free!

Pabbly's subscription billing has more the 35 payment gateway. This will diversify the payment methods of the customers and simplify payment processing. This is important especially if the clients are from all over the world with different online payment methods.

Additionally, Pabbly is very user-friendly and doesn't need any advanced knowledge to use. Add to that their no-feature-behind-paywall policy and you got the whole package. With the 30-day money-back guarantee as the icing on the cake.


To conclude, Pabbly is an amazing all-in-one business management package. It gives you the power of multiple software in one pricing plan. Signing up with Pabbly Plus saves you the trouble of subscribing to different software and tools.

Another amazing Pabbly feature that I love is its drag-and-drop interface. This feature makes everything easier. You will be able to create professional-looking websites in simple steps. This is possible even without the need to learn the coding language.

Most of us have apprehensions when dealing with the technical aspects of online marketing. But Pabbly is very easy to use and everyone can easily create a billing form or landing page in a matter of minutes.

Also, Pabbly probably has one of the most comprehensive tutorial videos. You can easily find these videos on YouTube or the main Pabbly page.

  By now you must have already realized how easy it is to use Pabbly. But if you still need help managing your Pabbly account, OBI Services will gladly handle it for you.OBI Service is an outsourcing company that provides technical software assistance among other services. We have had the pleasure of using Pabbly for a while now and find it very helpful in our day-to-day integration tasks. If you are interested in hiring our services you can visit our website for our very affordablepricing plans.  

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