Why Suitedash?

updated on 29 September 2021

Here's the problem…

How to use the right software for your business

Project management, billing/invoicing, client portals, file management, email marketing and more are some of the useful tools on the market. Getting all that to work together is a major challenge, each one has its own recurring subscription and those fees start to add up. Trying to systematize a business with different online services and software can be draining.

And the solution, of course.

Invoices and client portals can be integrated with your projects.

All of your business needs are handled by a fully automated platform.

SuiteDash was built to be a single dashboard where you can log in and run your entire business. SuiteDash gives you the ability to integrate your projects with your invoices, client portals, and email campaigns in one place, as well as sharing information from one section to another.

Secure Client Portal Software for Businesses & Organizations

One of the most obvious trends in technology at the moment is the adoption of secure client portals software as a way to ensure security, privacy, and professional service with relation to a company's clients or customers.

Secure client login will be offered by a full-featured client portal software, for which each client will have unique usernames and passwords that can't be compromised by another user. From the login credentials, the portal software will be able to identify the client and serve content that is specific to them.

You can connect the login page of the client portal to a custom domain, and you can also modify the dashboard as well.

Email marketing, Advanced custom menu, Support ticket system, Learning management system, Trigger automation, data reporting are some of the features.

Primary Features of a Secure Client Portal

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The primary features of a secure client portal are file sharing, content management, secure messaging, project management, invoicing, Appointment scheduling, and whatever other extras that may exist.

The most common features in a secure client portal software are file sharing, content management, secure messaging, project management, and whatever other extras may exist.

There is a short form to enter your organization's name and time zone once the initial sign-up is done.

The learning curve is steep but it's worth the time to invest in as once everything is set up, it might become the only tool you need to run your online business.

Many business owners have become incredibly frustrated with software because they've spent too much time and money trying to learn multiple systems, and then get them to work together.

Add contacts to the portal manually with a bulk import, or enable them to self-register with easily embeddable forms.

However, only the Super Admin can configure the related settings in Platform Branding.

What does ‘Secure' mean when it comes to Client Portal Software?

When it comes to security, there are some key items that businesses and organizations need to be 100 percent sure are present in any client portal software that they would consider installing into their business.

All traffic to and from the portal should be secured with 256-bit encryption so that any data that flows across the public internet will be unreadable to anyone. This type of encryption is used by your online bank to make sure the security of your account.

Each client should be given unique usernames and passwords, and there should never be any sharing of them. Not even the providers of the software would be able to know the password if it was stored in a database. Password strength should be set at a minimum to make sure that quality passwords are used to gain access, and a forgotten password can only be recovered through a properly configured password reset protocol. The security of the client portal software will be greatly improved with the two-factor authentication offered.

Why SuiteDash should be on your short list

If you're in the market for secure client portal software, invite yourself to explore our website, and we think that you will find that it has been developed with your pain points in mind, and is constantly being developed to increase the capabilities to meet the needs and requests.

It's a very good value for money to have unlimited contacts, team members, and projects in all the plans.

Team handling and collaboration, client management, project management, and more can be achieved with one platform.

Suitedash Support - OBI Services is a Suitedash Agency partner There are many useful tools on the market for project management, billing/invoicing, client portals, file management, email marketing, and more.

SuiteDash is the world's leading task management tool with completely customizable and proprietary features.

Automation features are in the initial stages but can see a lot of potential in this.

The end result is an affordable platform that will impress bosses and employees alike.

Suitedash Features and Amazing Features.

There are many different areas of task management, finance management, HRM, and many more.

SuiteDash offers a billing conversion feature.

A complete solution for sending invoices and receiving payments directly on the member site.

You can build fully customized client portals with SuiteDash.

It's possible to use a custom domain, custom SMTP, and even modify the look.

Full Platform Setup Cname / White Label Setup Theme and Branding Landing Page Design Client/Staff Registration Page Design Onboarding Setup Maximum of 2 Flows Automation Setup Email Setup Custom Fields Integration Setup Start now A dedicated support staff works very much like your own employee, but you do not have to hire, train, provide infrastructure, or perform any other function that is required for a regular in-office employee.

The Start plan doesn't have advanced custom menus, e-signatures, or deal stage pipelines.

You don't want to waste time wrestling with different tools that aren't designed to work together, and you have a budding business to manage.

Simply from a time perspective, learning to use one system is intrinsically easier and less time-consuming than learning five, six, or even ten(!) different platforms and tools.

It's an amazing feature, that I could make more personalized.

All of the core features, such as Project Management, are embedded with all license levels.

Digital contract signing, email marketing, and appointment booking are some of the features that were extra.

The ability to create a separate white-labeled portal for clients to check their projects and collaborate is an awesome feature.

The most common features of a secure client portal software are file sharing, content management, secure messaging, project management, invoicing, and support tickets.

The Best Discovery I Found With Suitedash

If you are not yet impressed with all the features and power it poses for the small amount of money you pay this new discovery I found would definitely blow your mind especially if you are a Google Sheets user. My team worked on this for weeks and was able to figure out a way how to integrate Suitedash with Google Sheets. It was definitely a lot of work coding wise but it was worth every time spent on completing it. Most importantly, we were able to display private Google Sheets data within Suitedash.

Here is a video of Google Sheets and Suitedash integration


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