Outsourcing Data Entry Services: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Business

updated on 28 February 2024

Have a hard time sorting out data for your business? Spending too much time doing data entry tasks in your business? Knowing you have other tasks to do for your business growth? To put it simply. It's high time to outsource data entry services for your company. Reach out to a data entry center provider in the Philippines. They will provide specialists that are highly experienced. Who are customer-oriented and have accurate entry outputs.

We have now entered a fast-paced era. Where everything must be done with speed, accuracy, and quality. Because of this, business owners are searching for the ideal data entry expert to partner with. Businesses cannot afford to maintain faulty databases. Since data is developing and becoming an important factor in decision-making.

Choosing the right data entry center services means smooth client communications are ensured. Keeps your documents secure. Has great data management services. Fast processing turnover services. And a highly experienced data entry partner to work on critical projects.

Small businesses don't want to spend a lot of time and effort maintaining their records. They ultimately consider outsourcing data entry experts that fits their business needs. But, what exactly does outsourced data entry entail? Let's see!

What is Data Entry?

Data entry is the procedure of gathering and entering data into a computer database. The job may include transcribing the text and keypunching numbers. Or typing information into a database. The term data entry can also refer to a person's work as an assistant to a data entry specialist.  

Data entry experts are often involved in repetitive projects that are labor intensive. The information recorded in the computer database is then retrieved by business management. Company management will use it for forming marketing project solutions. Or use it as the basis for the company's decision-making for the company development. With data entry, data management has become easier. Small or large businesses can process data faster to help grow their business.

Do you need an Expert for your Data Entry?

Why Consider to Outsource Data Entry Services for your Business?

If you're interested in learning more about outsourcing data input. There are two primary categories of services available. The first kind is referred to as offshore. This refers to getting services from a different business to complete the task. Crowdsourcing is another approach. With this strategy, you ask someone from outside your business to carry out the task on your behalf. After that, you can scale up your efforts if your budget permits.

What does outsourcing data entry do for you or your business? Enough for you to consider utilizing an outsourced employee for data entry. I have jotted down a list of things on why you need to consider outsourcing data entry services. Be it within a company, type of industry, or for yourself.

Reasons why outsource data entry services

Outsourced Data Entry Services Benefits

Save Time - As you know a data entry job is time-consuming. It takes time to sort the data. Input them into the database and double checking the entries. With an outsourced expert, you don't have to deal with these things anymore. You can focus on other areas of your business that you know need more attention.

Save Money - It cuts down the costs of resources. It cost less to outsource data entry experts than to hire one. You would need to teach them how to manage the data and provide an office space to work on. You don't need to buy cutting-edge technology to manage large quantity data.

High-Quality Services - In an outsourcing company, before they recruit an employee. The company ensures that its employees' typing skills and language communications are top-notch. And are well trained in data management and data entry work. Thus, giving you quality service and output.

Increased Productivity - Partnering with an outsourced data entry processing expert increases productivity. Why? Well, since they have years of experience in doing the data entry work. Work is done faster with accuracy. Enhances job productivity and decreases errors.

Types of Industry that Need Data Entry Services Provider

Administrative - Administrative data entry task is to input general info. Stored into databases for data collection. Whether it be in Government offices, Schools, Etc.

Marketing - This is for managing (editing, producing, and updating) product data, entering data for product images, and scraping reviews. Then manually enter data for product information or descriptions from internet retailers.

Medical and Health - The data entry task usually is updating personal medical records, and entering patient data into databases. Additionally, they can scan documents, update insurance, add doctor's remarks to files, and enter prescription information. This is crucial for the medical industry since it keeps healthcare professionals informed about their patients.

Accounting and Finance - Financial institutions like Payroll companies and Insurance. They hire data entry to input claims data and enter info for processing payroll, billing, and collections. Data entry in the financial sector is very critical because it deals with finance.

Steps to outsource data entry  task with your Services Provider

How to Utilize Outsourced Data Entry Services Provider for your Business?

Choosing the best data entry outsourcing company must be a methodical and thorough process. The market for data entry services is growing quickly. Only then can the desired results be successfully determined. I have itemized how an experienced data entry processing specialist is used in the business.

Complete Your Tasks More Quickly

With a dedicated data entry staff, your data is quickly recorded. Fast collection of data means more time is saved. And used for improving your services. Providing better info to our customers or clients. For marketing purposes, data can be shared with third parties.

A Quality Assurance Team Checks the Correctness of the Data Entered

In an outsourcing company, there is always a team to check quality and accuracy. Before the entry is submitted to you. It is checked by quality management to ensure that everything is correctly done.

Keeps Everything Organized in Your Industry

By partnering with an outsourcing data entry processing company. You are sure that your data is well-kept, organized, and up to date. Organized data is easy to access. Provides a clear understanding of the recorded data.

Benefit from Your Outsourcing Partner's Cutting-edge Technologies

As an outsourcing data entry processing company, they need to have top-notch technology. And a first-rate infrastructure to give outstanding and effective outputs. This means your data is in safe hands. Security measures are taken into account. Outsourcing industry providers follow strict data security and confidentiality policy. Ensures your client's and customer's large data is protected at any costs.

Ensure Risk Reduction

There are risks involved in handling data and documents. An effective outsourcing data entry center provider knows how to mitigate those risks. It also includes creating risk reduction plans. For the use of infrastructure and the protection of data for clients/customers. For a business owner, it is a solution to reduce risk. The weight of shouldering sensitive data is divided. Between you and your data entry service provider.

Outsourced Data Entry Professionals will Work for You

A data entry company upskills its staff before they are available for clients to employ. So you won't have to worry about the effectiveness of the data entry professionals.

Before an outsourcing company hires a data entry employee. They would first make sure that they are tested. This includes typing speed, language communications skills, interpersonal skills, computer skills, and detail-orientedness.

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Why Choose OBI Services as an Outsource Data Entry Provider in the Philippines?

OBI Services is an all-around data entry service in the Philippines. It is one of the leading data entry services in the Philippines with years of experience. A country that is well known for its English language skills. May it be written, listening, or speaking. If you want to outsource effective and accurate data entry services. OBI Services is acclaimed as the best partner to have.

OBI Services is the solution to your data entry problems. We guarantee our client/customer documents' confidentiality. Increases our customer's/client's company efficiency. We ensure to keep your data updated when needed especially if you're in the medical sector. Establish a systematic arrangement of the documents. We create a transparent approach for the records of your business. We also use cutting-edge technology to provide high-performance solutions.

  Other services like Google Sheets/Docs, finance/accounting, insurance, file conversion, catalog data entry services, etc. are also offered by OBI Services. We also provide a service where your data is converted accurately into any digital format. You can also improve client happiness. Or use the knowledge organization expansion with the help of our data conversion service. 

  In addition to that, our team is always ready to take on new projects as well. If you don’t want to do the job yourself, you can hire us to complete it for you. Contact us now!


There is a lot to gain by outsourcing data entry center services. Data entry center services are a great way to save time and money. This is because you won't have to pay someone else to do your work. Only the company that provides the services will need payment from you which costs less.

When you outsource your data entry processing services. You don’t need to spend a lot of time doing the same job over and over again. Instead, you can use other people’s skills and knowledge to help you complete your tasks. This is why many businesses whether small or large are turning to outsourced data entry processing services.

The company will handle everything for you. From data collection, data entry, data management, data processing, and quality control services for your data entry output to be accurate.


If you want to use your computer for other things, then you need to spend less time doing repetitive tasks. Data entry is one of those tasks. When you do this task yourself, you can waste a lot of time. So, if you’re looking to save some of your precious free time, you should choose the perfect fit for your business.

Evaluate the type of company you have. Is your industry in medical services, financial services, retail services, sales services, or administrative services? Then make a comparison of how each company costs to get data entry services.

  If you want to have affordable data entry services with experienced professionals. And provides the latest technology. Extensively trained for recording data entry work in medical, finance, administrative, sales, and retail. Then pick OBI Services as your data entry service provider. 

  OBI Services office is situated in an Asian country, which is the Philippines. A company with great English communications skills and years of experience. We offer a wide variety of data entry services that will allow you to get more work done in less time. For example, we can help you to transcribe audio files into text documents. We also have a transcription service. Where you can listen to an interview and write down the main points. By picking our company as your outsourcing data entry services partner. You can focus on managing your business, which is what you do best.

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