Maximize Your Business Potential with Outsourced Telemarketing, Virtual Teams, and Virtual Assistants

Businesses worldwide are increasingly turning to outsourcing in outbound and telemarketing companies. Outsourcing saves businesses money by employing virtual assistants in many business sectors.

Business owners benefit from high-quality products and services without investing in their infrastructure.

As a reliable outsourcing solutions provider in the Philippines. OBI Services is your ideal call center services partner.

OBI Services LLC an Outsourcing Company in the Philippines

A Catalyst for your Outsourcing Strategy

We are one of the leading outsourcing companies in the Philippines which provides a wide range of outsourcing services including Data Entry, Technical Support, Virtual Assistant, and Telemarketing Service.

Get your work done faster with better accuracy for less money

Being one of the top outsourcing companies in the Philippines, many foreign companies choose to outsource to ours. OBI Services has the industry's largest and most experienced support and sales team. 

Affordable & flexible
Affordable & Flexible

We have invested in the best people, robust processes, and technology. As a result, we deliver the most accurate, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for any business.  

Helping companies make things better
Helping companies make things better.

We offer fast, accurate, and affordable rates for our quality services. We serve with thought and heart. And get things done quickly and effectively for a better customer experience. 

We help you to build healthy and happy workplaces
We help you to build healthy and happy workplaces

At OBI Services, a company's most excellent resource is its people. A healthy and happy workplace leads to engaged employees, which then leads to satisfied customers. We want you to be successful in your business, so we will go the extra mile to ensure you get the best support you need. 

Start growing your business with OBI Services, today!

Strong Base for Sustainable Growth

OBI Services is the best choice for startups, solo entrepreneurs, and growing businesses if you want to save on costs while increasing profit.  

  • Satisfied customers
    Happy Clients
  • Team members
    Team Members
  • Happy customers
    Happy Customers

 Ready your business for the big leagues.

Let us help your business grow!

Our Services

Our team can provide a wide range of services and outsourcing solutions to satisfied customers globally. 

  • Telemarketing

    An effective way to reach potential customers, generate leads, and maintain excellent relationships. Also, to increase retention and encourage "upsells" after the initial transaction. OBI Services has a team of experienced telemarketers. They are trained in the latest techniques to ensure your business reaches its target market. 

  • Data Entry

    We provide data entry services for any task involving finding or fixing errors, sorting, and scraping massive amounts of data. Data entry is essential in many industries. As it helps organizations efficiently store and manage large amounts of information. 

  • Team VA

    OBI Services provides a dedicated virtual team for businesses and individuals, handling tasks such as administrative work, customer service, data entry and more. 

    Our team is skilled, efficient and trained to help clients save time and increase productivity.

  • Virtual Assistant

    Virtual assistants can perform tasks, including scheduling appointments, managing emails, etc. It's a practical, cost-effective solution for businesses and individuals needing remote support. 

Our Clients and Partners

We Helped Many Companies to Shine

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What People Say

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We Never Stop Smiling!

Hi and nice to meet you! This is our brave team. We work very hard to provide an awesome experience for you.
  • OBI Services About Us CEO Cliede C. Image
    Cliede C.
    Founder & CEO

    Cliede is passionate about processes, management, tech and the startup industry.

  • OBI Services About Us CFO Ester G. Image
    Ester G.

    Ester is the heart of the company. She loves her wooly husky called Calvin.

  • OBI Services About Us Operations Manager Kristine C. Image
    Kristine C.
    Business Development Head

    When we need to do things both fast and good, we call Kristine.

  • OBI Services About Us IT Keith E.
    Keith E.
    Tech Supervisor

    Keith is the all around guy who takes care of all your IT needs.

  • Daniel orito
    Daniel O.
    Web Developer

    Your reality is as you perceive it to be. So, it is true, that by altering our perception we can alter our reality.

    -William Constantine

  • OBI Services About Us Operations Manager
    Bella C.
    Operations Manager

    Bella is committed to her work and is dedicated to keep going. 

  • OBI Services About Us HR & Admin Officer
    Honey E.
    HR & Admin Officer

    What makes a great business is a great human resource.

  • OBI Services About Us Recruitment
    Dianne H.

    Dianne is hardworking and has a good eye for the best people. 

  • OBI Services About Us Sales Team Leader
    Mhardel C.
    Sales Supervisor

    Leadership is a choice, not a position.

  • Ronaldo bolingot
    Ronaldo B.
    Content Writing Supervisor

    Boredom is a dangerous hobby.

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