Survey Questionnaire

Calling contacts for survey and generate leads. A technique for gathering statistical information about the attributes, attitudes, or actions of a population by a structured set of questions.

A survey is a process of gathering data that could involve a wide variety of data collection methods, including a questionnaire. In essence, every questionnaire is a survey, but not every survey is a questionnaire. But what makes questionnaires such a great tool for research and data collection?

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      First of all, questionnaires are one of the most affordable ways to gather quantitative data.

      Especially self-administered questionnaires, where you don’t have to hire surveyors to perform face-to-face interviews, are a cost-efficient way to quickly collect massive amounts of information from a large number of people in a relatively short period of time.

      A questionnaire can be placed on your website or emailed to your customers. These methods have little to no cost, though strong targeting is necessary if you want to have the highest possible response rate receive the most accurate results.

      Still, no matter what type of questionnaires you pick, it will be more affordable than outsourcing to a market research company.

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      Questionnaires and surveys allow you to gather information from a large audience. Online, you can literally distribute your questions to anyone, anywhere in the world (provided they have an internet connection). All you have to do is send them a link to your survey page. And you don’t even need to do this manually. This could be done through an automated email in your customer onboarding or lead nurturing campaigns.

      This means that for a relatively low cost, you can target a city or a country. You can use multiple data collection points, for example via multiple tablets in kiosk mode. Geography no longer stands in the way of market research either, thanks to the internet. But be aware of cultural differences between people and countries when conducting worldwide research. Thanks to Survey Anyplace’s multiple languages feature, you can easily create a single questionnaire available in multiple languages.

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      Practical and Comparable

      Apart from being inexpensive, questionnaires are also a practical way to gather data. They can be targeted to groups of your choosing and managed in various ways. You can pick and choose the questions asked as well as the format (open-ended or multiple choice). They offer a way to gather vast amounts of data on any subject. They can be used in a wide variety of ways. For example, KBC Group learned just how practical surveys are. They were able to spread their quizzes, polls, and questionnaires during a three-day event. This made collecting real-time feedback almost effortlessly.

      When data has been quantified, it can be used to compare and contrast other research and may be used to measure change. This makes monthly or yearly questionnaire more and more valuable over time. Improving comparability implies that errors due to translation have to be minimized. In terms of questionnaire translation for multi-national, multi-cultural and multi-regional surveys the aim is to achieve a level of comparability across all local versions.

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    • What is the importance of Survey Questionnaire?

      Questionnaires provide a relatively cheap, quick and efficient way of obtaining large amounts of information from a large sample of people. Data can be collected relatively quickly because the researcher would not need to be present when the questionnaires were completed.

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