Data Cleansing

Data cleansing is a form of data management. As your business grows, so does the data, and information you collect and need. Eventually, that information becomes outdated. For example, you just started with just 10 clients and over 50 products to sell in one address,, but now you may need to change your address or products, and then change your address again! 

Data cleansing helps you cleanse and organize your raw data into a format that’s easily manageable, readable, and accurate.

With OBI Services' Data Cleansing our team of experts will go through and scan all of the data within a database you give us and check either to remove or update information that you need to keep your business up to date. It is also included in the process to make sure all data are correct and are incomplete, or in the wrong format, duplicated, or irrelevant.

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Data Cleansing Services

We clean and standardize all your data. That way, you can focus on the data that matters.  

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    Improved Decision Making

    Data quality is important because your company’s ability to make correct decisions is directly affected. And so does having to calculate effective strategies. It is a waste of company time and money correcting operational errors brought by incomplete or incorrect data.

    OBI Data Cleansing is a data management service that will help you with the cleansing of your data. We will complete the process of data recoding and improve your data quality.

    Most, if not all, of the businesses now relies on customer-generated data to develop each new generation of its online and mobile ordering systems. If there's no data cleansing program, changes and revisions to the app may not be based on precise or accurate information. As a result, their apps will not function correctly and this may lead in losing customer interest and needs.

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    Boosted Efficiency

    Purging data, removing duplicate data that can waste precious time.


    When you’re too busy to handle your data, OBI Services will make sure it’s updated, secure and accurate. We have a bunch of dedicated and skilled data clean-up technicians who have the knowledge and skills to do the job perfectly.

    When information is cleaned properly, it reveals valuable insights into internal needs and processes. 

    For example, a company may use data to track employee productivity or job satisfaction in an effort to predict and reduce turnover. Cleansing data from performance reviews, employee feedback, and other related HR documents may help quickly identify employees who are at a higher risk of attrition.

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    Competitive Edge- Pay Per Performance

    The better a company meets its customers needs, the faster it will rise above its competitors. A data cleansing tool helps provide reliable, complete insights so that you can identify evolving customer needs and stay on top of emerging trends.

    Data cleansing can produce faster response rates, generate quality leads, and improve the customer experience. OBI Services Data Cleansing service, you only pay for what you use. We offer volume based pricing plans with a per-record or per-page rate that lets you control your costs. Our pricing is not based on the number of leads or contacts. We charge per lead, and we guarantee our work.

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Data Cleansing Services

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    Excel Sheet Cleansing

     This service specifically focuses on information checking in Excel Sheets. 

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    Google Sheet Cleansing

    This service specifically focuses on information checking in Google Sheets.

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    Document Cleansing

    Detecting and correcting inaccurate records from a certain document.

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    Database Cleansing

    Detecting and correcting (or removing) corrupt or inaccurate records from a recordset, table, or database.

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